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Friday, October 24, 2014

Remembering God -- Passage from the Adi Granth

Remembering God

"When one is in utter distress and there is no one to support him,
And the adversaries gather-in upon him and even his kinsmen desert him;
When all the props have given way and all hope is lost,
If he then remembers the Lord, even the hot wind will touch him not.
O Master, Thou art the Might of the humble,
O Thou, the Eternal One, the True, through the Guru's Word art Thou known.
If one is weak and is afflicted by hunger and nakedness,
And has no money on him and no one is there to give him comfort,
No desire of his is fulfilled; no work of his is accomplished,
If he, in his heart, remembers the Absolute Lord, he attains Eternal Rule.
If one is full of anxious thoughts, and his body is attacked by disease,
And is involved in his household and suffers sometimes pain, sometimes pleasure;
And he wanders about in the four continents, and no rest finds,
If he remembers the Lord in his heart, his body and mind are cooled...
If he remembers the Lord with all his heart, even for a twinkling of the eye,
he is saved."

(Adi Granth/Guru Granth, Gopal Singh translation)