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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thoughts Become Things -- The Power of Thought

Thoughts Become Things -- The Power of Thought

The following story illustrates the power of thought, how our thoughts are like radio waves, going out and effecting people in ways we can't even imagine. This is why genuine Masters teach the principals of Ahimsa, Peace and the Golden Rule: nonviolence in thought and word, as well as deed.

This story is found in the book, "Tales of the Mystic East," RS Books.

Naam Bhakti,


Love Begets Love

When Akbar was once taking a walk, accompanied by Birbal, one of his ministers, they saw a peasant coming from a distance. King Akbar told Birbal that he would like to shoot this man and asked Birbal:

"When we meet the peasant, please find out what is passing through his mind."

When the peasant came near, Birbal, pointing to King Akbar, asked the peasant what he thought about him, saying:

"Please do not hesitate nor cheat, but speak out your mind

"I would like to pull out every single hair in his beard," the peasant told him, with some venom.

When Birbal repeated this to the King, he sighed, and said:

"Ah, Birbal, it is as the holy men who visit my court have so often told us. It is love alone that leads us to find a Saint and by him be taken to the mansion of the Lord. Hatred brings only hatred in return, and binds us still tighter to this world."

"Love is the key to the secrets of God." (Rumi)

"This is my commandment, that you love one another." (Christ)

"The Truth do I utter, let all hear:
Who loveth, he alone findeth the Lord." (Guru Gobind Singh)