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Monday, September 21, 2020

God is Already Within Us


God is Already Within Us

“Take up the broom of love, and sweep the chamber of your heart.” (Bani of Kabir Sahib)

“Only when we have made our hearts clean, can the Lord – Who is immaculate and pure – manifest there. He is already residing there, but he will manifest. We don’t need to bring some other Lord from outside. The false worldly thoughts come from outside and fill up our within. But the Almighty Lord is already innate in our within. He does not descend from some other realm.” (Baba Somanath’s commentary)

“But my Friend resides within me.” (Bani of Kabir Sahib)

“What need do I have to look for Him outside? When we direct our yearning toward the Lord over and over, we become his very form. Then we say, ‘He has become my true friend. I have no more need to wait for His coming. If He were separate from me, then I would have to search for Him and wait for Him. But I am in Him and He is in me. So now what is the point of seeking Him? Where would I search and who would I wait for?’” (Baba Somanath’s commentary)


“Without eyes, you see; without ears, you hear.” (Bani of Kabir Sahib)

"To see without eyes, to hear without ears – this is an inner experience.

Guru Nanak has also spoken on this subject: ‘To see without eyes; to hear without ears.’

All the saints teach the same thing. No matter how hard you may try, you will not be able to have the darshan [vision] of that inner Lord using these physical eyes.

Ramdas Swami tells us: ‘These eyes of flesh cannot see Him; you can behold the Lord only with the eye of knowledge (the inner eye).’

He cannot be seen with these eyes of flesh. Only when you look with the inner eye of knowledge will you behold Him. In the same way, you will hear without ears. Through the physical ears, you hear the sounds of the outer words. But the inner Dhun is resounding of itself, and that Sound is heard without ears. We hear outer sounds through the physical ears, but if the inner Sound did not exist, our sense organs would not function – our very life-breath would cease." (Baba Somanath’s commentary)