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Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Satsang Without Walls -- Light and Sound on the Path

A Satsang Without Walls -- Light and Sound on the Path -- Newsletter of Spiritual Quotes & Satsang Discourses

"Perform virtuous acts, you will receive happiness. Also do 'sumiran' ([simran] remembering God's name, or meditating on the Divine Sound) regularly. The biggest advantage of 'sumiran' is that we do not have to pass through the painful cycle of 8.4 million species again. Those who perform true worship of God, meditate on His name, are rid of the cycle of transmigration. The condition is that meditation be done with utmost regularity. Get initiation from an adept Guru, meditate thrice daily." (Swami Harinandan Baba, pictured above)

Living Masters are the True Spiritual Guides: "Going to the Sanctuary of Saints, beings can cross the worldly ocean. A human being blessed with the wisdom of Saints follows the Truth and realizes God." (Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, Book of Ghat Ramayan)

"Anyone whose soul is under the mind’s influence and control becomes an image of the mind, for he forgets his True Self." (Kirpal Singh) 

"Plato affirmed that the soul was immortal and clothed in many bodies successively." -- Diogenes Lartius

Soamiji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Prose: "This world is perishable and so also is all that pertains to it. A wise man is he, who, having closely examined the nature of existence here, has realized that it is all transitory and illusory, and consecrated his human form by devoting himself to Bhajan and Simran (listening to inner Sounds and repetition of the Holy Name of the Supreme Being) and who, taking the fullest advantage of the various faculties which the Supreme Father has graciously endowed him with, has translated the invaluable jewel within him, which is Surat (spirit) or the essence of his being, to its original abode."

"The one who has purity of character, who practices diligently the Yoga of Sound, and who can explain clearly Sant Mat [the complete Path of the Masters with nothing missing], can be accepted and trusted as Satguru/Teacher." (Maharshi Mehi Paramhans)

"The highest pursuit in life that can take away worries, afflictions, disillusions and unhappiness is not understood by most. It is important to know the following: what path to practice, whom to follow, what to avoid, whom to listen to, whom to associate with, whose advice to adhere to, etc..." (Swami Vyasanand)

"Today's karmas become the fate of tomorrow. According to our last life actions, our mental tendencies are formed in this life. Because of our pure actions we will have the desire to seek the association of Sants and to meditate." (Swami Vyasanand)

"Love is that meditation or method that makes the impossible possible. That which is harsh becomes gentle; the enemy becomes friend; the weak become strong; the concealed becomes revealed. Even though it is said that it takes many lifetimes to realize the Divine, if a devotee performs sadhana [meditation practice] with true, unwavering devotion, then the Divine will manifest at that moment." (Swami Vyasanand)

"The practices which have been taught for purifying the spirit and and making it ascend upwards should be performed regularly and with feelings of love." (Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram Bahadur, Prem Updesh Radhasoami)

"In my heart, hidden deeper
than fantasy ...
You are my Friend in the light
of the day ... and my companion
... in the darkness."
-- Mansoor al- Hallaj

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A Satsang Without Walls: This is the OCTOBER 15, 2016 Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation Satsang Newsletter (Blog, Digest, Document, E-Booklet,) of much poetry and prose -- words of light and love from various spiritual Masters, spiritual classics or scriptures. Enjoy all of the readings below. May they provide you with some helpful satsang reading material wherever you are in the world, near or far, and lead to a further in-depth exploration of the teachings of the Masters, including from lesser-known or newly translated material you may not have encountered before in English.

This Sant Mat Radhasoami E-Newsletter is dedicated to the Path of the Masters (Sant Satgurus of the Past, the Living Present, and Future), and to the Supreme Being, the Lord of the Soul Who is the Ocean of Love and All-Consciousness, and explores the poetry, prose, spiritual discourses, books, scriptures, letters, prayers, ahimsa ethics, audio, videos, philosophy, cosmology, gnosticism, meditation, mysticism, and history of the Masters from a traditional Indian perspective that's non-sectarian, and might also include quotes from various world religions in harmony with the Way of the Saints, the Path of the Masters and Mystics.

NOTE: This newsletter is for educational purposes only. Fair Use of Quotations: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research..."

NOTE: This newsletter is supportive of, The Murar Declaration -- the universal principles of peace, affection, harmony and cooperation as outlined at the Sant Mat conclave known as Spircon 2010, a historic event held in Agra attended by the leadership and representatives of several branches of Sant Mat & Radhasoami lineages.

NOTE: The Usage of the Term "Sant Mat": "Sant Mat" means: "The Teachings ('Mat') of the Saints or Sages" or "Path of the Masters". In India it's common knowledge that the term "Sant Mat" was coined or adapted by Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras during the 19th Century. "Sant Mat" was adopted and popularized by Tulsi Sahib as a new name for this spiritual path or genre of mysticism, but the Sant tradition, with its many guru-lineages or branches, is a spiritual movement that dates back many centuries to ancient India.

"What's the use of receiving this human form if we do not serve others in thought, word, and deed. If we hold our thoughts only on worldly material things and refuse to think of that which is higher and more subtle, then our faith in the Transcendental will inevitably diminish." ("Quintessence of Yoga: Secret of All Success", a Sant Mat publication)

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"We usher in a new era, Sat Yuga -- the Age of Truth." (Universal Proclamation)

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Image Above: Depiction of a Mandaean Gnostic "book-god" reading himself, echoing the ancient theme of "Know Thyself".

"God is the Ocean of utmost and restful silence. So long as we cannot have this restful silence within us, the soul cannot listen to the Voice of silence arising out of the greatest depths of Silence. By following that Voice we can reach the source and fountainhead of the Great Silence called God and be blessed forever." (Kirpal Singh)

"Learn to sit still and be mentally still, and the silence thus generated with be more vocal than words spoken and written; and you will have an instantaneous solution not only to your own personal problems but to the problems of others as well." (Kirpal Singh)

"The human body is the temple of God.
He is waiting there for you.
That is why I ask you to look within,
with a longing in your heart
and silence in your soul.
God will reveal himself to you.
You will find him -- no, see him."

-- Kirpal Singh

"In silence the heart illumines; veil after veil is removed. In the heart shines the Light, and the very silence becomes vocal giving vent to the Music of the Spheres reverberating in all creation." (Kirpal Singh)

The Mirror of Eternity

Place your mind before the mirror of eternity!
Place your soul in the brilliance of glory!
Place your heart in the figure of the divine substance!
And transform your whole being into the image of the Godhead Itself
through contemplation!
So that you too may feel what His friends feel
as they taste the hidden sweetness
which God Himself has reserved
from the beginning
for those who love Him.

-- Clare of Assisi, from "Francis and Clare: The Complete Works,"
translated by Regis J. Armstrong, OFM CAP, and Ignatius C. Brady, OFM;
a volume of, The Classics of Western Spirituality Series

I have turned my heart into a boat,
I have searched in every sea;
I have dwelt by rivers and streams;
I have bathed at places of pilgrimage;
I have eaten bitter and sweet;
I have seen the remotest regions.
And this I have learnt that he is the true Man
Who loveth God and loveth man,
And serving all abideth in Eternal Love.

-- Guru Nanak

Seven Key Practices of Sant Mat Mysticism

"The practice of devotion and striving for Liberation require seven means which are of paramount importance:

1) Satsang (association with the Saints which includes the study of their writings or scriptures),

2) selfless service of the spiritual Master [seva],

3) strong love for God [Bhakti],

4) moral rectitude,

5) purity of the heart,

6) Japa (repetition of the Divine Name [simran]) and

7) Dhyana (meditation). In the practice of meditation -- both gross and subtle meditations are described. In subtle meditation -- the meditation of the bindu (point) – the meditation of Light -- Drishti Yoga (the Yoga of vision) and Nadanusandhana (the meditation of Sound) -- Surat Shabda Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) are described." (Swami Santsevi Ji)

Sant Mat Meditation: "Through the central Point between the two eyebrows [third eye], enter within your body, going beyond gross, subtle, causal, and supra-causal spheres. And finally, reaching the very seat of Kaivalya [Oneness], get detached from all these five coverings of your body [and subtle bodies]. Seeking the assistance of the Light and Sound of God and the Quintessential Word, merge yourself with the Quintessential Sound to be at one with the Lord. Mehi says, Your efforts inside your body will make you so subtle that you will be able to go beyond these five [subtle] bodies. This is called the real devotion, which you always must focus on as your ideal or goal." (Maharshi Mehi)

"Whom the Lord dyes
In his own love's hue,
Her radiance never fades;
Day after day
Her beauty and glow
In multicolored splendor grow."

-- Kabir

"With open eyes, I joyously behold the beautiful form of God everywhere." -- Kabir

"O Saints! If I speak the truth who will believe me? In the world lies appear to become the truth. The precious, flawless, and priceless jewel is shining, but there is no buyer and no owner. This priceless jewel is shining in all directions, and its brilliance spreads everywhere. When the Satguru showered his grace on me, I was able to see the invisible and attributeless God. In sahaj samadhi (natural union [meditation]) enlightenment dawned, and easily I found union with God. Now, wherever I look, there I see Him, as my gem-like mind has pierced (seen) the perfect diamond. You can obtain the Eternal Essence from the Satguru. This is the advice of Kabir." (Kabir, Shabda # 7, The Bijak)

"If I sleep,
I meet Him in my dreams;
When awake,
I see Him in my heart;
My inner eye opened
At such a happy hour
That my Beloved Lord
Is never out of my sight."

-- Kabir

Mystic Verses of Sant Ravidas on Spiritual Practice: "I Die Like This So That I Shall Need No More To Die Again"

"I meditate on the Light,
I reflect on nothing else.
After the soul has left the body,
it enters that abode,
where it is immersed in the Unstruck Sound,
the Transcendent Word.
He upon whom He is merciful, really knows...
My dwelling is in the Sphere of the Void...
Ravidas says, I meditate on the Stainless --
entering this abode, I need not return again."

-- Sant Ravidas, "The Life and Works of Raidas", translated by Winand Callewaert, Manohar Books;

Intense Love and Yearning: "Love for and faith in the Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal and Sant Sat Guru will gradually go on increasing in the company of sincere and devoted Abhyasis (practitioners). Bliss and joy will also be experienced in the performance of Abhyas. If love and yearning are intense, the Sant Sat Guru will, by His Will, grant His Darshan and Grace. He will advance the practitioner in his Abhyas by helping him internally as well as externally." (Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram Bahadur, Prem Patra Radhasoami, Volume IV)

"On the day of the full moon, the full moon fills the heavens. Its power is diffused through its gentle light. In the beginning, in the end, and in the middle, God remains firm and steady. Kabeer is immersed in the ocean of peace."

"The stars, the moon and the sun meditate on Him; the earth and the sky sing to Him. All the sources of creation, and all languages meditate on Him, forever and ever."

"The day of the full moon: God alone is Perfect; He is the All-powerful Cause of causes. The Lord is kind and compassionate to all beings and creatures; His Protecting Hand is over all. He is the Treasure of Excellence, the Lord of the Universe; through the Guru, He acts. God, the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, is All-knowing, Unseen and Immaculately Pure. The Supreme Lord God, the Transcendent Lord, is the Knower of all ways and means. He is the Support of His Saints, with the Power to give Sanctuary. Twenty-four hours a day, I bow in reverence to Him."

"In the lamps of the sun and the moon, I see His Light. Dwelling among all is my ever-youthful Beloved. In His Mercy, He attuned my consciousness to the Lord. The True Guru has led me to understand the One Lord. The Gurmukh [disciple] knows the One Immaculate Lord. Subduing duality, one comes to realize the Word of the Shabad. The Command of the One Lord prevails throughout all the worlds. From the One, all have arisen."

"The sun and the moon are one and the same for them, as are household and wilderness. The karma [action] of their daily practice is to praise the Lord. They beg for the alms of the one and only Shabad. They remain awake and aware in spiritual wisdom and meditation, and the true way of life. They remain absorbed in the fear of God; they never leave it. Who can estimate their value? They remain lovingly absorbed in the Lord. The Lord unites them with Himself, dispelling their doubts. By Guru’s Grace, the supreme status is obtained. In the Guru’s service is reflection upon the Shabad. Subduing ego, practice pure actions. Chanting, meditation, austere self-discipline and the reading of the Puraanas [scriptures], says Nanak, are contained in surrender to the Unlimited Lord."

"By the Guru’s Grace, I have entered the home of celestial bliss. Darkness is dispelled, and the moon of wisdom has risen."

"The day and the sun shall pass away; the night and the moon shall pass away; the hundreds of thousands of stars shall disappear. He alone is permanent; Nanak speaks the Truth."

"Neither the sun, nor the moon, nor the planets, nor the seven continents, nor the oceans, nor food, nor the wind -- nothing is permanent. You alone, Lord, You alone."

-- Selections from the Sikh Scriptures: Adi Granth/Shri Guru Granth: English Translation of Siri Guru Granth Sahib, Singh Sahib Sant Singh Khalsa

Find Your Beloved at the Seat of the Soul, the Third Eye Center

"Enter into the ajna chakra [third eye center] and you will find your Beloved. God is not found in a manmade Ka'ba, but in natural Ka'ba (holy place) within your own heart or self. Turn your attention within. You should listen attentively to the reverberating Divine Sound. The Celestial Sound is coming to take you back to the Source. Remember you cannot hear this with the physical ears. When you focus your gaze within the ajna chakra [third eye center] and the consciousness is inverted inward, your physical ears automatically will close and the inner ears will open. By that power with inner ears you can hear the Celestial Sounds. The Original Sound of the creation comes from the Abode of God and it will take you to God."

-- Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj

"'As a free bird becomes accustomed to the cage after it has lived there for a long time and loses its power of flying freely, so the Surat-soul or Attention, having lived as a slave of Maya for so long, also loses it freedom to fly and forgets its Original Abode. Although the human soul was pure and free, attachment to illusory objects of creation, the pleasures of the senses, have deluded it and enslaved it. Now, it continues in bondage for birth after birth and is dancing to the tune of mind and illusion (manas and Maya) in the three qualities or Gunas... The Saints advise that so long as the Attention is not attached to the Shabad or Naam [the Positive Power of God seen as inner Light and heard as inner Sound or Music], peace of mind cannot be achieved. The Surat-soul is in pain and suffering because it is separated from the Shabad. So long as the Surat-soul does not recognize Shabad and unite itself with it, it will never get real happiness nor will it discover the mortality or falsehood of the worldly objects. This is the import of eternal and peaceful life. This is called Surat Shabad Yoga [inner Light and Sound Meditation]. Therefore, the way by which the Surat-soul has descended, it must retrace, and ascend by the same route under the guidance of the Saints. Only then, the aim of human life will be fulfilled and real happiness attained.'" (Shri Paramhans Advait Mat Granth)

The Cage of the Soul, by Sant Kirpal Singh

(This description of the pitiable state of man and explanation of some of the difficulties in the way out of that state is taken from a letter of the Master's, and was originally published by a New York Satsang.)

Man has got himself so enmeshed in mind and the outgoing faculties that his release from them can only be brought about by struggle and perseverance. His plight is, in a way, similar to that of a bird that has been kept in a cage for so many years. Even if you should open the door of the cage, the bird will be loath to fly out. Instead, it will fly from one side of the cage to the other, clinging with its talons to the wire mesh, but it does not wish to be free and fly out through the open door of the cage.

Similarly, the soul has become so attached to the body and the outgoing faculties that it clings to outside things and does not wish to let go of them. It does not wish to fly through the door that has been opened by the Master at the time of holy initiation, at the threshold of which the radiant form of the Master is patiently waiting to receive the child disciple. True discipleship does not start until one has risen above body consciousness.

It is from this point that the disciple will feel not only comfort, but will begin to experience the joy and bliss that awaits him in the Beyond. He will have as his companion the charming radiant form of the Master, who is ever at hand to impart the guidance that is so necessary in order to avoid the pitfalls on the way. Until this point is reached, the disciple is, as it were, on probation, but such probation that cannot be severed. It is during this probationary period that the soul will feel some discomfort. It has become so besmeared with the dirt of the senses that it has lost its original purity of heart and is not fit to be raised up out of the prison house of the body.

Even though the door has been opened, it is so attached to the things of the outside world that it does not wish to be free. It is only when the soul begins to regain its original purity of heart and mind that it can at last want to be free of the desires of the flesh and outward attachments. The loving Master tries to avoid all possible discomfort to the child disciple by explaining what are the vices to be avoided, and the virtues to be developed, in order to regain this purity.

Unfortunately, more often than not the words of the Master do not sink in, and little or no action is taken by the disciple to amend his ways. Therefore, the Master Power must take firmer measures to bring home to the disciple the importance of the truths that have been explained in words. Hence the discomfort that is sometimes felt by the dear ones in their day-to-day living. If implicit obedience would be given to the commandments of the Master, all difficulties and discomforts would vanish. If a child gets itself so dirty that the only way the mother can wash it clean is by using a scrubbing brush, can it be said that the child will feel comfortable during the scrubbing process? It will only feel comfortable after the scrubbing has ceased and it is shining clean and pure.

Help and protection is always extended by the Master to his followers. He looks after their comforts in every way, both outer and inner. Even the effects of the reactions of the past -- from the gallows to an ordinary pin prick -- so much concession is given. As the mother sacrifices everything for the sake of her child, even so does the Master sacrifice everything for the sake of his children. The follower, in fact, does not dream of what the Master does for him. He fills his followers with his own thought, with his own life impulses. When we remember him, he remembers us with all his heart and soul. He is not the body. He is the Word personified, the Word made flesh. To get the full benefit of the Master Power, the disciple must develop receptivity. It is impossible to develop receptivity until implicit obedience is given to the commandments of the Master. When you pay heed to the Master's commandments then that is a sign that you are growing in love for him, and the more you grow in love for him, the more receptivity you will develop.

When you begin to develop this receptivity, all discomfort will vanish, and you will truly begin to tread the Path in the firm assurance that you are on the right way, together with the loving companionship of One who will demonstrate more and more his greatness and his power on each step of the way until you find that it is the very God Himself who is your Guide and Mentor, who will never leave you until He has safely escorted you back to the true home of the Father.

While on the way, one of the main functions of the Master is to wind up the back karmas of the disciple. It is through conscious contact with the Sound Current only that the karmas of back lives can be burnt away. This process is started at the time of holy initiation, at which time the disciple is given a contact with the Light and Sound Principle, or God-into-Expression Power. To avoid opening a new account of bad deeds, the disciple is enjoined to lead a clean life and weed out all imperfections in him by self-introspection from day to day. This is the sublime principle behind keeping the diary, which the disciple is asked to maintain in order to become aware of the shortcomings which stand in his way to God.

Ego is the self-assertive principle in man that makes him feel that "I do this" or "I do that." When one rises above body consciousness and knows himself and he becomes a conscious co-worker of the Divine Plan, he sees that he is not the "doer", but is a mere puppet in the hands of God, he will cease to be responsible for his actions and will become jivan mukta, or a free soul. The ego in man is part of the grand delusion that he is labouring under. It will cease to act or will be nullified only when a great degree of purity has been attained by the disciple, in which all of his actions will reflect the Master in him. Like Christ, he will proclaim, "I and my Father are One."

All service that one does seemingly to others is to your own self. When you develop this attitude, you will develop a "state of selflessness"

-- Kirpal Singh

RADHASOAMI: Signs of a True Disciple

83. So long as a person does not perform karmas in accordance with the commandments of the Saints, his mind cannot become cleansed or uncontaminated. And so long as he does not contemplate on Satguru and shabd, his attention (chitt) shall not become unflinching (nishchal). When he has attained to these two grades (i.e. purification of mind and perfect concentration on Satguru and shabd) then alone he will become entitled to receive (true) jnan (Knowledge). As this pure Knowledge dawns, all screens (veiling reality) will be lifted.

(Soami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Prose, Part Two, Sayings of Soamiji)

Signs of a True Master

40. The hallmark (a mark or sign of authenticity and excellence; outstanding distinguishing feature) of a Saint is ninefold:

(1) a Saint always internally strengthens the faith and belief (isht and aqeeda) in the true Absolute Lord (Radhasoami Dayal);

(2) he will never allow any seeker to struggle and wander about idols, tirthas and scriptures and "The Book";

(3) he will never involve anyone in the worship of gods, incarnations and prophets;

(4) he will ever prescribe the practice of Easy Yoga of Surat-Shabd except for which there is no other path to the Absolute Lord;

(5) he will ever instruct the seekers to devote themselves to the service and love for the perfect Satguru of the time;

(6) he will diminish daily the attachment and craving (asakti) of the seekers for wife, children, wealth and name and fame and self-glorification (maan-badaayee), and instead, will augment and enhance the love and liking (prem and preet) of the earnest seekers and lovers (khoji and anuragi) for the Supreme Being;

(7) the true Saints always remain engrossed in meditation and contemplation (bhajan and dhyan) and they always engage their disciples in the same (processes);

(8) they always drive out the dharmas and karmas (duties and actions) pertaining to past ages, doubts and delusions and they will cut out (delete or remove) belief in anyone save in the true Absolute Lord; and

(9) gradually they will strike at (i.e. will deal a blow to) the roots of all bonds and fetters (bandhan) both inner and outer, and in this life itself will elevate their spirits to the Holy Feet of the Absolute Lord. But there are three pre-conditions to it:

(a) the jiva [soul] should not run away (leave or depart) from their satsang and service;

(b) day by day, he should go on intensifying his love and trust in their feet; and

(c) should continue his spiritual practices according to their directions and instructions.

(An Abstract of the teachings of Soami Ji Maharaj by Huzur Maharaj, Sar Bachan Prose, Part One, M.G. Gupta translation, Agra)

The Most Mystical Verses of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Mere flesh hast Thou lit
with a Light everlasting,
that there be no reversion to darkness,
and a Light hast Thou revealed
that it never can be turned back.
Your Holy Spirit
illuminates the dark places of the heart
of your servant,
with Light like the sun.
I look to the covenants made by men,
Only your Truth shines,
and those who love it are wise
and walk in the Glow
of Your Light.
From darkness You raise hearts.
Let Light shine on your servant.
Your Light is everlasting.
You set your Word
in this ear of dust
and write truths on my heart.
You end my wandering
to bring me into concordance with You
that I may stand, unshaken,
before You
in the Glow of Perfect Light
where no darkness is
where unsearchable peace is
For me, a creature of dust.

-- Psalm-Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls, “The Dead Sea Scriptures,” Anchor Books

NOTE: The name of the composer of the hymns in the Dead Sea Scrolls isn't known, but I have read some discussion suggesting they might have been composed by the Master or "Teacher of Righteousness" figure, who apparently was the founder of the Essene community.

Over the many centuries there have always been mystical branches of Judaism, Kabbalah, Sethian Gnosis, and others that have had an ethical, peaceful philosophy of life, adhered to a vegetarian diet, had living teachers or Masters of the Name, a system of initiation into holy names, and the meditation practice of ascension of the soul through several upper worlds of Light and Sound, with the goal of reuniting with the Supreme Being. Sometimes these teachings get lost or partially forgotten over time, but there is evidence for their existence, and the quest of the mystic soul is to REMEMBER. (James)

"How can we know God? Is there a practical method by which we can unite our souls with Him? Mystics teach us that the Lord is Pure Spirit which emanates from the highest spiritual region; He can therefore be known only by our soul, which is of the: same divine essence. That divine essence is the inner Word, the holy Name of God, the Audible Life Stream, which manifests within us as spiritual Sound and Light.

"The mind and intellect cannot know or understand God, because the origin of mind is in the causal plane, which is lower than the pure spiritual realms. Mind can know only what lies within its own realm and below.

"The soul has its own power of knowing, beyond the intellectual faculties of the mind. When the soul sheds its coverings of mind and body, it is free to ‘know’ God instantly, by direct perception. But it is only through meditation that the soul can attain this level of direct perception and obtain spiritual knowledge. Meditation is the technique given by the mystics to liberate the soul from the dross of mind and matter, so that it can freely know and merge into God. Freed of the weight of karma, the soul naturally rises to its Source. Thus it experiences true self-realization and God-realization.

-- Miriam Bokser Caravella,  "The Holy Name -- Mysticism in Judaism"

"Recent research has demonstrated that many of the mystic experiences of the prophets, which are recounted in the Bible, came about through meditation. Contemporary scholar and mystic Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan maintained that if one reads the original Hebrew Bible accurately, one will find many terms which are precise references to the prophets’ practice of meditation. The most important of these is hitbodedut, literally, “seclusion.” However, Kaplan says, these terms are generally mistranslated and their true meaning has been lost, which is why few people today are aware that the prophets of the Bible practiced meditation." -- Miriam Bokser Caravella, "The Holy Name -- Mysticism in Judaism"

Sant Mat Book on Jewish Mysticism: "The Holy Name", by Miriam Bokser Caravella, published by Radha Soami Satsang Beas: This book presents a mosaic of mystical elements that are common to both Judaism and the Sant Mat philosophy. Quotations are brought from Jewish sources such as the Bible, the Zohar, other Kabbalistic works, Hasidic literature, and contemporary Jewish writings, as well as from Christian mystics and the writings of spiritual masters of India, Persia and Arabia. There are thorough discussions of the Garden of Eden and other stories from the Bible, the inner regions and the kabbalistic doctrine of the sefiro and the Word or Name of God.

Plant-Based-Diet: "Behold, I have given you every seed-bearing herb which is upon the surface of the entire earth, and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit; it will be yours for food." -- Hebrew Book of Genesis 1:29 quoted at a vegetarian Kabbalah website

"The first century Rabbi Akiva ascended through the seven heavens and the seven palaces in the highest heaven by means of passwords uttered to the angelic gatekeepers. His meetings with God were characterized by luminosity." -- Joan Borysenko, “Seven Paths to God: The Ways of the Mystic"

The Five Password Mantra Names of the Sethians, a Jewish-Gnostic Movement in Antiquity -- Nag Hammadi Library:

Name One: 'Armoz-el' of the first region,
Name Two: 'Oroia-el' of the second region,
Name Three: 'Daveithe' of the third region,
Name Four: 'El-ethe', of the fourth region
The Fifth Aeon…..Fifth Name and Region: 'Autogenes',
the Divine, All-encompassing Self-Begotten One.

NOTE: Armoz-el': Grace, Truth, 'El-ethe': Perfection, Peace, 'Oroia-el': Afterthought, Perception, 'Daveithe': Intelligence, Love. The 5th one is Self-Begotten One, a kind of son of God or God-with-form Sat Purush divine being above the four lights or heavens below.

"The Master shall teach the saints to live according to the book of the Community Rule, that they may seek God with a whole heart and soul…" (Dead Sea Scrolls: The Manual of Discipline)

May Khuda Protect You and Appear to You at Your Time of Need

"Radhaswami elevates the Surat (the spirit entity) to heavenly regions. Radhasoami enables us to meet Khuda (God) within us." (Soamiji Maharaj)

"Khuda Hafiz" (Khodafez خُدا حافِظ) is a Sufi expression meaning, "May God protect you". Literally translated it is: "May God be your Guardian". Khoda, which is Middle Persian for Ahura Mazda, and hafiz from Arabic hifz "protection". (Wikipedia)

May Khuda (the God or Master-Power) Appear to You at Your Time of Need

O Heart of Pure Consciousness,
You are the ruler of all hearts.
After countless ages
you brought my soul
all it ever wished for.

The eyes of all people happy and sad,
are closed to the truth.
May their eyes be opened!
May they look upon the Beloved
and get drunk on His beauty.

May their hands reach toward the Truth.
May their ears hear the voice of the Beloved.
May the shadow of a Master
fall upon everyone who has devotion.

All the world praises you,
But where did this "you" come from?
All the universe is born of Love --
But where did this Love come from?

O Beloved,
you are the owner of the land of life
the light of every heart;
Even the King of Love
knows no love
that is not yours.

-- Rumi
(The Breaking Wave of Love)
-- Ode 881
Version by Jonathan Star,
"A Garden Beyond Paradise:
The Mystical Poetry of Rumi"

"God is Love; each soul is a drop from the Divine Ocean, and the Way back to God is also through Love." (Kirpal Singh)