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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Amount of Time Required For the Inward Journey of the Soul -- Sar Updesh Radhasoami

Amount of Time Required For the Inward Journey of the Soul

Question: What amount of time will it take for a practitioner (abhyasi) of Inner Light and Sound Meditation (Surat Shabd Yoga) to secure access to the Higher Regions?

Answer: No time limit can be prescribed for it. One is said to have secured access to Higher Regions if one enjoys bliss inter­nally and hears the Shabd (Inner Sound) clearly. But the attainment of this state depends upon the keenness of one's longing and yearning. It takes ten to twelve or fifteen years to acquire worldly learning and knowledge, and even then one does not gain mastery over the subject one studies. Fifteen to twenty years are taken in learning the ways of the world. In the same way, time will be required for giving up worldly habits and adopt­ing pious and religious ones. But in spirituality (parmarth), if the love and renunciation of a practitioner (abhyasi) are keen and strong, and he (or she) devotes enough time to the daily meditation practice and satsang, and gives very little time to worldly matters or wranglings, then, in a short time, say, four or five years, one  will be able to achieve at least this much -- that they will have full faith in the greatness of Sant Mat [the teachings of the Masters] and will internally secure so much bliss and contentment that no doubt will be left in the mind about eventual true redemption. One will get bliss in daily meditation (abhyas) proportionately to the time devoted and the attention that one pays to it. One will continue this practice easily and lovingly, and will be able to curb the mind and senses to some extent. Then one will be able to know how much time will be required to have access to a certain region, and will gradually get the necessary strength to make endeavours for as much progress as one desires.  

-- Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram, Sar Updesh Radhasoami (Essence of True, Eternal Spiritual Instruction about the Lord of the Soul]: http://192734808.r.cdn77.net/CDN/Books/EnglishBooks/PDFs/Sar_Updesh_Radhasoami.pdf

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