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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ocean, Wave, and the Drop, also, Right-Hearted Seva (Selfless Service)

Ocean, Wave, and the Drop, also, Right-Hearted Seva (Selfless Service)
Below: 1) from, Petals of Love, and 
2) from, The Discourses of Maharaj Saheb

Ocean (God), Wave (the Living Master/Sant Satguru) and Drop (the Soul)

The relationship between the Supreme Being, the Guru and the jivas [souls] has been well compared with ocean, its wave and the drop. The Supreme Being is the ocean of all bliss, light, life, sound and truth. The Guru is the wave which is always in union with the ocean and not different from it and the jiva [soul] with the same attributes is a drop far away from the ocean. This contact between the drop and the wave is the true Bhakti [path of love]. Therefore, emphasis has been laid upon establishing contact between the Guru and the disciples at all levels, that is, physical, mental and spiritual. This contact would be developed through the company of the Guru, both external and internal. The external company of the Guru is called the 'external satsang' and the internal company of the Shabd form of the Guru is called the 'internal satsang'. There are four essentials on which this faith bases its tenets:

1. Sat-guru

2. Sat-sang

3. Sat-anurag (True Bhakti)

4. Sat-nam (the true name, that is, Radhasoami Nam) or Sat-shabd

By the Seva [service] and the Satsang [true association] of the Guru the spirit entity would slowly and slowly shake off the coverings [sheaths, subtle bodies] and would be able to catch the Sound Currents and one day reach the Ultimate Abode. The whole process may take a period of four lives which may be shortened in the case of more ardent devotees.

For the attainment of perfect salvation, the Radhasoami Faith like all other Sant sects, shuns all other paraphernalia and external observances and rituals. It has emphasized upon the pure love in the holy feet of the Supreme Being and the Guru. As such it denounces hatred and discrimination among the human beings. All are the children of one Father and as such there is no place for such a discrimination in point of caste, creed or color and thus cannot check one to adopt this faith. According to the Radhasoami Faith, women are entitled to enjoy the same privileges as men. They also can practice Surat Shabd Yoga and gain high spiritual attainments. The champions of this enlightened faith, advocated in the social set up of the nineteenth century the removal of the purdah system for the ladies and urged them to come out of the narrow social restrictions and respond to the call of the time. Moreover, their preachings strengthened the disintegrating Hindu society by effacing the false barriers of caste prejudices.

In a nut-shell, Radhasoami Faith is a gospel of love. Love towards the holy feet of Radhasoami Dayal [Merciful Lord of the Soul], love towards the Guru of the time and love with all the human beings is its cardinal message.

-- Prof. Agam Prasad Mathur, Petals of Love

Ego-based Seva vs. Right-Hearted Seva (Selfless Service)

The strengthening of the outward tendency or inclination, be it even in Parmarthi [spiritual] activities, is harmful and injurious. For example, to cherish a desire for power and authority in the Seva [service, activity] of Satsang or some such other work one is entrusted with, or to become totally engrossed in the Seva of the Head of Satsang or in the personal or special Seva of the Perfect Guru, which may fortunately be allotted to one, if He is present, and to forget the real object, constitutes ignorance. The object of Parmarth [spirituality] is that Surat [soul] and the mind, which are at present getting diffused outside, should withdraw and ascend within. The modes and methods to achieve this end, are Satsang and Abhyas [meditation practices]. Along with these, Seva is also prescribed. If this object is achieved by performing Seva, then it is all right, otherwise, the real purpose will be defeated. But, from this it should not be inferred that performing Seva is of no avail. According as one's grade is, Seva is also necessary and beneficial, but to consider this alone to be the be-all and end-all of Parmarth, and to remain engrossed in outward activities day and night, without giving importance to the withdrawal and ascension of Surat and mind is a gross misunderstanding on one's part.

Some keep their own Swarth (self-interest) uppermost in Seva. Great jealousy also finds a place amongst one another. Changes in the allotment of acts of Seva or taking away of any Seva lead to antagonism and quarrels. That by which one wins the pleasure of the Lord is really Seva. Be it reproof, rebuke or humiliation, one should bear it cheerfully and not try to show off one's cleverness at all.

-- Maharaj Saheb

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James Bean
Spiritual Awakening Radio

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