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Thursday, February 02, 2017

PODCAST: The Origins of Sant Mat, Part 3: Dariya Sahib of Bihar -- Spiritual Awakening Radio

PODCAST: The Origins of Sant Mat, Part 3: Dariya Sahib of Bihar -- Spiritual Awakening Radio


PODCAST: The Origins of Sant Mat, Part 3: Dariya Sahib of Bihar -- Spiritual Awakening Radio with James Bean -- Listen @ Youtube:

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The Sant Mat We Know Can Be Traced Back to Sant Dariya Sahib

Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, India was born in 1763 and passed on in 1843. He would have been in his teens when Dariya Sahib of Bihar was still alive -- old enough to have perhaps received initiation from Dariya Sahib of Bihar or one of his representatives, in other words. Dariya was a towering figure occupying some of that space in history between the time of Kabir and that of Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras. Dariya passed on when Tulsi was around seventeen years of age. Dariya Sahib appointed several Saints to be his spiritual successors: Fakkar Das, Basti Das, Sant Tika Das, and, Sant Guna Das, also contemporaries with Tulsi Sahib, who likely spent some time in Bihar. Bihar was, and remains, home-base of the Satsang of Sant Dariya Sahib. 

Sant Dariya Sahib: “Sat Purush is the living Lord, and His own son serves as the ladder. That ladder is continued through me, says Dariya. Fakkar Das, Basti Das, and Guna Das are the ladders proceeding from me. Whomsoever they appoint as their successors would also be known as ladders. Thus will my line of succession continue…. Those souls who remain in obedience to these successors, shall cross the Ocean of the world.

“How long will this line of succession continue? Kindly relate it to us in your own words, asks Fakkar Das. ‘Listen mindfully, 0 Fakkar Das, I explain this to you, says Dariya:

‘As long as the discipline of the Sound Current
is preserved unadulterated,
The line of succession will truly continue.
But when it is mixed with outer rituals
and display of external garbs,
My Sound Current will part company.
My Divine essence will depart,
And the souls will go into the mouth of Kal.
I shall then come to this world,
And shall proclaim the teaching
of the Sound Current again.
Proclaiming the teaching,
I shall found the line of succession [again].
And emancipating the souls,
I shall take them to my Abode…
For aeons I have been coming,
And imparting the teaching
of the true Sound Current.’”

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