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Monday, October 18, 2021

Sant Mat is a Path of Love

Sant Mat is a Path of Love

“Sant Mat is a Path of love and a Path of affection. This is the Path created by God Almighty Himself. It is not a path created by any Mahatma. It has always been the Path and it has existed from the time that the human form first took shape. It is the Path through which, plane-by-plane, the soul has descended from God Almighty by way of the Sound Current and has now come into this current human form. And when it goes back also, it will go plane-by-plane, through the Sound Current. The Path has been there, latent, uniquely within the human form, at all times. It is on this Path that the Saints have gone back to God Almighty with the Grace of Their Masters. And it is on this same Path that we will go with the Grace of our Masters...

"A Living Master is One Who has manifested this Shabd within His Being to the extent that He can, at will, consciously travel the entire Path, from the physical plane to the True Abode of God Almighty, Sach Khand (The True Realm), a place of indescribable Love, Light and Blissful Intoxication in God’s Presence. Reconnecting souls with the full awareness of God Almighty is a Living Master’s sole purpose and destiny, and He gives this service freely to dedicated aspirants. He has no other worldly desires or motives." (Baba Ram Singh Ji)

Photo: Baba Ram Singh Ji at the Pahad Ashram of Baba Somanath