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Thursday, December 20, 2018

PODCAST: The Gospel of Thomas as a Kind of 'Second Coming' of Christ -- Spiritual Awakening Radio

PODCAST: The Gospel of Thomas as a Kind of 'Second Coming' of Christ -- Spiritual Awakening Radio

PODCAST: The Gospel of Thomas as a Kind of 'Second Coming' of Christ -- Spiritual Awakening Radio With James Bean @ Youtube: https://youtu.be/1Xl3xp6Ywe8

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Below Are NOTES About Today's PODCAST (12-17-18): 

"Know what is before your face, and what is hidden from you will be revealed to you. For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor anything buried which will not be raised up!" (A saying of Jesus from the Greek Oxyrhynchus Gospel of Thomas, Saying 5 that had been buried/lost in Egypt but was raised and published in 1897 in book called, The Sayings of Our Lord) 

There has been a kind of second coming of Christ, not in a physical sense, but rather... what I mean is...  there has been a return of the teachings of Jesus in the form of a collection of sayings of Christ, some of which were first rediscovered in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt during the 19th Century, and published way back in the year 1897 in a book called, The Sayings of Our Lord. Today I will share with you some of these sayings. And you may find, as I do, that as you discover this sayings format, that this gives birth to a new overall appreciation for the sayings of Jesus embedded in the more well-known gospels as well. You'll see the sayings of Jesus in an entirely new way when you encounter the Gospel of Thomas. As I wrote in my article titled, Summarizing the Spiritual Message of the Gospel of Thomas, 'Have always been a fan of this contemplative “wisdom gospel,” with its format of proverbs and parables. It contains absolutely no narrative whatsoever. It’s comprised solely of ... unvarnished sayings of Jesus, one after the other, and that’s it. There is no commentary, no spin, and no story. No more Roman centurions, scribes, Pharisees, and locusts to block our view. Rather than being presented through the “lens” of others, the reader encounters a more direct, unfiltered historic Jesus.'

Saint Augustine quoted the Gospel of Thomas:

"But when the apostles asked
what should be thought about the
prophets of the Jews,
who were thought to have sung
something in the past about his coming,
he was disturbed that they should still
think such things, and replied:
‘You have abandoned the Living One who
is before you,
and are talking about the dead.’"

Gospel of Thomas, saying of Jesus # 52: 
"His disciples said to him,
‘Twenty-four prophets spoke in Israel 
and did all of them speak about you?’
He said to them,
‘You have neglected the Living One
in front of you,
and spoken of the dead.’"

Saint ‘Macarius’ of Syria quoted a saying Jesus not found in the New Testament Gospels: 
"As the Lord has said, 
'The Kingdom of God is 
spread out on the earth, 
and people do not see it.'"

Gospel of Thomas, saying of Jesus # 113):
"The kingdom of the father is
spread out upon the earth,
and people do not see it."

LINK to the Willis Barnstone & Marvin Meyer translation of the Gospel of Thomas online that seems mindful of the Aramaic-Syriac: http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/gosthom-meyer.html

LINK to the Article: Summarizing the Spiritual Message of the Gospel of Thomas, By James Bean: https://medium.com/spiritual-awakening-radio-podcasts/summarizing-the-spiritual-message-of-the-gospel-of-thomas-by-james-bean-e7a23d78bef3

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