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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Code of Conduct For Final Elevation

Code of Conduct For Final Elevation

Code of Conduct For Final Elevation
By Sree Sree Mentu Maharaj
from the book, The Truth Absolute

published by http://www.United-Satsang.org

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To maintain the divine energy, the moral strength in life for spontaneous progress in spiritual life, the following code of conduct should be observed.

One should not deprive anyone from maintaining his life peacefully and enjoying his love for his beloved one.

One should not create any hindrance to the attempt of others to grow and expand with all efficiencies and merits.

One should not prevent any spiritual inspiration or the progress of another's faith and spontaneous elevation.

One should not give any wrong advice to anyone and create more confusion in their lives.

One should be in the right frame of body, mind and spirit to be prepared for any eventuality, to be able to face and handle any situation and maintain balance and tranquility.

One should not hurt anybody's sentiment for his object of love and so make him suffer depression, loneliness and varieties of frustrations that create suffocation of life and love.

One has no right to bite another's personality and fight against his interest or faith. This creates conflict and chaos in the world of friendship and relations and forfeits the functioning of normal life, love and relations.

One should not burden others with all of one's problems, wants and worries when they cannot rightly solve them. This creates a tendency to self pity and confusion that ruin the strength of self confidence and willpower with which one could solve one's problems.

One should not land oneself in the field of friendship and relations by unhealthy discussions or unnecessary gossip. This ruins the spiritual potentialities of others, envelops them in clouds of doubt and depression and buries them in darkness.

One should not hurt anybody in any way to release one's revenge, frustration and disappointment.

One should not discuss anything that disgraces oneself or others. This brings distress to the mind and creates contraction in the being. Contraction is death. Expansion is life.

One should not forget that the sum total of wrong deeds and actions will withhold and pull back one's life to a condition where no other advice can ever work to rescue it. The sum of wrong deeds nullifies the reward of good deeds and permanently imprisons life in the world of darkness and depression where evil can play its role to ruin one forever.

0 mankind, be alert about karmic law and know what you should do and whit you should not do. Avail every opportunity in life to enjoy the effect of good actions, with the full co-operation of the angels, and enter into the kingdom of God in this life and life eternal.

Blessed are those who are aware of their moment to moment life and the result thereon to achieve the highest reward from God, burying all the past causes of suffering to enjoy Eternal Bliss.

Code of Conduct For Final Elevation
By Sree Sree Mentu Maharaj
from the book, The Truth Absolute



at the website click onto the "Publications" tab