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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts, Spiritual Awakening Radio

Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts, Spiritual Awakening Radio

Fund-raising Campaign

Today is Giving Tuesday, kicking off the charitable season with a celebration of giving and philanthropy.

Dear Spiritual Awakening Radio Listeners Around the World:

On behalf of Spiritual Awakening Radio -- these Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts exploring the Path of the Masters, I want to wish you all the very best for the upcoming Christmas and holiday season and for the New Year 2019. May it be a year full of health, happiness, peace, deeper mediations and progress on all fronts. I also wish for 2019 to not only keep on going... but growing, for it to be a year of expansion of this mission, reaching more people in more podcast venues, in more places, presenting more research into this rare Path of the Masters, placing yet more out-of-print books online; another year of sharing material in English that has up-to-now only been accessible in Hindi, or known only to a small number of people, uploading more spiritual classics of the Saints, Gnostics, Sufis, and other Mystics, making them available to everyone for free, giving them a permanent home on the web... exploring all aspects of the Path: teachings, meditation practice, practical guidance about this Path, and ahimsa ethics (including in the area of diet, as in vegetarian and vegan) -- education for a more peaceful planet. 

In this realm maya (illusion) seems to be quite successful at occupying minds with infinite kinds of distractions. As Kabir has said: 

"Delusion fills the three worlds,
delusion everywhere.
Kabir says (and he’s thought about it),
you live in Delusion Village.
They don’t listen to wise words 
and won’t think for themselves. 
Kabir continues to scream. 
The world goes by like a dream.” 

"Blessed are the souls who in today's materialistic world have an inclination towards spirituality." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj)

"Whatever actions bring you closer to God, they are good actions. Whatever actions take you away from God, they are bad actions." (Kirpal Singh)

"Dear Aspirants! Each day strive to do both kinds of satsang: inner and outer. Outer satsang is listening to the teachings of great saints and studying the sacred texts. Inner satsang is the practice of one-pointed meditation." (Maharishi Mehi Paramhans)

"Just as a coded document shows the way to a hidden treasure, just so this Bijak shows the way to realize the soul. It teaches such instructive words to the soul, but there is seldom anyone to understand them." (Bijak of Kabir)

"Only the connoisseur, who will test the Shabda [word], and listen to the teachings with full attention, and within whom these teachings will dwell, only he will understand this." (Anurag Sagar)

"O my friend, I speak nothing
from myself; I only utter what
the Beloved puts into my mouth."
(Guru Nanak) 

Donations support the ongoing efforts to create new radio programs and podcasts, progress at the Sant Mat e-Library and other educational activities online including in the world of social media.

I also want to thank those of you who have so generously supported/donated during this and previous years. Simply put, Spiritual Awakening Radio owes its existence and success to all of you, the listeners. The future of this most unusual endeavour is largely in your hands. 

If you have questions relating your support, please contact me at this email address: James@SpiritualAwakeningRadio.com .  

DONATE: Contributions to Spiritual Awakening Radio should be made through Pay Pal.  There is a Secure Yellow Donate Button on most every page of the Radio Website — GO TO: http://www.SpiritualAwakeningRadio.com/announce.html  

Thank you for your support. I look forward to sharing the New Year with you with many new Satsang Podcasts, also gathering together many new books of the Masters online.

Your help is greatly appreciated and needed for 2019 and beyond.

Sincerely Yours, All for the Love of Wisdom and Radio, In Divine Love, Light and Sound, 

James Bean
Spiritual Awakening Radio

God is the Ocean of Love, and Souls are Drops from this Ocean.

Email: James@SpiritualAwakeningRadio.com

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