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Monday, June 11, 2007

Carefree Simran: Remembrance of God's Name

Carefree Simran: Remembrance of God's Name

Sant Mat Fellowship:


Giving up turmoil of the world,
Repeat God's Name day and night.
Those who keep the Saint's company
Move about carefree, 0 Ravidas.

My (inner) tongue is constantly preoccupied with repeating God's Name,
And my hands are constantly engaged in doing my work.
Thus have I become carefree.
God will take care of me, says Ravidas. (Bani of Sant Ravidas)

Kabir said, Recognise me and manifest the Guru in the form of the Sound Current behind the eyes [at the third eye center]. Then you will have no doubts left. If you want to be free from anxiety, then catch the Sound Current. When ever you are in trouble, sit down for doing simran (repetition of the mantra/holy names). When you reach the state of concentration, then you are surrounded by a protective aura automatically. No power on earth can harm you then. Therefore, do simran and be anxiety-free. (Anurag Sagar, Volume Two, Tarn Taran Satsang)

On Daily Meditation Practice, The Ideal of Thrice Daily

On Daily Meditation Practice, The Ideal of Thrice Daily

"A comfortable asana (pose of sitting or posture) of keeping the head, neck and trunk straight and steady is a must for meditation. Without the ability to sit in such a steady posture for prolonged periods, meditation cannot be practiced.

"Meditation should be practiced being alert, without being drowsy, shutting the eyes comfortably and without turning the eyeballs or pressing them in any way.

"The practice of meditation should be an essential part of the practitioner's daily routine. The preferred time of meditation is Brahma-Muhurta (very early in the morning: 3:00 A.M.). [The Sikhs call this peek spiritual time of the morning "Amrit Veela", the Hour of Elixir.] Likewise one should meditate at mid-morning and then again in the evening time. While falling asleep, one should also engage his or her mind in meditation."

-- Maharshi Mehi, "The Philosophy of Liberation"

Now what to fear? Mystic Poetry of Kabir

Now what to fear? Mystic Poetry of Kabir

Now what to fear?
Fear merged in Fear,
I know the secret of duality.

Fears always afflicted me,
when I isolated
You from me.

One is he with the One
who sees
the inner-outer as one.

But brute is he
who led by delusion
makes low-high division.

Freed from my 'I',
says Kabir.
I saw Ram [God] in all.

-- Kabir
"Kabir Says...
A collection of One Hundred and Ten
Poems of Kabir",
Sushila Mahajan
Deep & Deep Publications
New Delhi, India