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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Podcasts of Spiritual Awakening Radio, Including Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts

Podcasts of Spiritual Awakening Radio, Including Satsang Podcasts: http://www.SpiritualAwakeningRadio.com/archive.html

* An Introduction to Sant Mat Spirituality -- Sant Mat Satsang Podcast at Youtube -- Click to Begin Streaming:

-- This recording serves as an introduction to a school of spirituality from India known as Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters, the Mystics of the East. Hear: The Seven Teachings of Sant Mat, A Brief Summary of the Path, Seven Principals of Sant Mat, The Ethical Foundation or Ahimsa Values -- Moral Requirements for Initiation, also shared is a rare Satsang Discourse in English about Meditation Practice by Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj given at the Maharshi Mehi Ashram, Kuppaghat, Bhagalpur, Bihar District, INDIA (Satsang Edition).

* The Wife of Christ: Mary Magdalene -- Spiritual Awakening Podcast -- Click to Begin Streaming or Downloading:

-- Even as there are parallels between Sufi mysticism, Kabbalah, and Sant Mat, the Gnostic tradition and Sant Mat have some shared understandings also: several heavens, lineages of living masters, a vegetarian diet, an "initiation into the mysteries of the heavens", which includes inner Light and Sound meditation, the repetition of sacred names that correspond of certain inner regions, and accounts of radiant forms that accompany the soul during it's journey of ascension.


* Inner Space: Close Your Eyes And See -- Spiritual Awakening Podcast -- Click to Begin Streaming or Downloading:

-- Exploring the Wisdom of the Masters and World Scriptures about the Inward Journey of the Soul, the Voyage Interior (Satsang Edition).


* A Radio Satsang -- Spiritual Awakening Podcast -- Click to Begin Streaming or Downloading:

-- Various Readings Accompanied with Sitar, Flute, and Tablas: Upanishads, Guru Nanak in the Sikh Scriptures, Kirpal Singh, Some Thoughts About Thought (Manas/Mind). Readings from the Buddha, Dhammapada, Dadu, and Namdev. Readings from Rumi, Kabir, and Radhasoami on the nature of God, the Ocean of Love (Satsang Edition).


* Introduction to the Sikh Religion of India -- Spiritual Awakening Podcast -- Click to Begin Streaming or Downloading: http://bit.ly/TBFkv2

-- I was inspired to help educate the public after the Sikh Temple incident in Wisconsin. It's a pleasure to share as well, since it consists of the poetry and teachings of great enlightened Inner Light and Sound Masters such as Guru Nanak, Kabir, and many others (Satsang Edition).

KirpalWorldInHisHandsBIG-1-1.jpg KirpalWorldInHisHandsBIG-1

* The Lesson of Nag Hammadi -- Spiritual Awakening Podcast -- Click to Begin Streaming or Downloading:

-- An Inclusive Rather Than Exclusive Spirituality, also, Kirpal Singh and the Lesson of Nag Hammadi -- Rather than confining themselves to only reading the Old and New Testaments or teachings exclusively from Orthodox Christian sources, the monks of Nag Hammadi had a surprisingly diverse collection of writings that can only be characterized as inter-faith and multi-tradition. In other words, they were also studying the scriptures of other religions and mystical movements of their day (Satsang Edition).

* The Mystic Poetry and Teachings of Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, India -- Spiritual Awakening Podcast -- Click to Begin Streaming:

-- These poetry readings, based on translations of Tulsi's poems from Agra, Maharshi Mehi Ashram, Pravesh K. Singh, and the SadGuruMehi website, are musically accompanied with Indian classical ragas. These are unlicensed recordings donated to the program by my good friend P.A. John. Any serious study of Sant Mat teachings must include the hymns and spiritual discourses of Sant Tulsi Sahib". Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, India was the Adi Guru of many if not most all contemporary Sant Mat guru-lineages, the "grandfather" or "founding-father" of modern-day Sant Mat. He serves as a connecting link between the classic Sants of India including earlier Masters in the Kabir lineage, and contemporary Sant Mat Mysticism. "Sant Mat" means: "The Way of the Saints" or "Path of the Masters". It's common knowledge that the term "Sant Mat" was coined by Param Sant Tulsi Sahib during the 19th Century (Satsang Edition).

* Krishna Consciousness Gone Vegan -- Spiritual Awakening Podcast -- Click to Begin Streaming or Downloading:

-- My Guest Today is Chalice ( who blogs about Veganism at VeganDevotee.com )


* Evidence that Jesus and the Original Aramaic Christians Were Vegetarians or Vegans -- Spiritual Awakening Podcast -- Click to Begin Streaming or Downloading:

-- Research into the question of the vegetarian diet, Jesus and the original Christian movement of Palestine is presented. The first Christians, also known as Ebionites or Nazoreans were not only kosher, but strictly adhered to a vegetarian diet. The largest surviving collection of Ebionite scriptures are, "The Clementine Homilies", and, "The Recognitions of Clement". Those are vegetarian gospels and condemn the killing and eating of animals.

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