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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kabir – The Mystic Master, By J. Das

Kabir – The Mystic Master, By J. Das

Kabir – The Mystic Master, By J. Das




A poor weaver was he,
Whose name was Kabir,
Found abandoned among lotus flowers,
By young Muslim weavers of tender heart;
Trained to ply his humble trade,
Heart piercing poems did he compose.
To comply with prevailing custom,
A Hindu saint he took as guru;
Grown in mature spiritual wisdom,
Hypocrisies in religions he decried;
Ritualism of little value he taught,
Was not the way to salvation.
Reaching the true depth of his being,
And tasting the nectar of immortality,
He fearlessly taught the true doctrine:
"Meditate and find Divinity within,
With pure heart, realize His omnipresence;
And dedicate yourself day and night,
In uttering His Name with feeling";
Fearlessly he preached to all humanity,
Heeding not their caste or breeding.
Fearless before kings and priests,
Not bowing to their temporal power.
Only to God did he pay obeisance,
And taught his disciples the pure path;
Depending on no one for his needs,
He taught selfless service to all alike.
Many devotees heeding his teaching,
In equality, they found true meaning;
For life's a journey quite unpredictable,
But the Divine hand gives true guidance
To all those filled with love unending.
Humility he taught was pre-requisite,
To scale the ladder to the Eternal Abode.
Ego robs your heart of true devotion,
And greed brings grief in abundance.
Anger robs you of logical reasoning,
And lust drives you to perdition.
Such passions must be subdued,
By a mind disciplined and steady.
The rewards will be great serenity,
To be enjoyed as your true destiny.
Be not fooled by presumed piety,
Of those who deceive the gullible.
Be wise your intellect to use,
And see the straight path to Divinity.
Let your heart be your trusted guide,
Free from illusion and religious strife.
God dwells in you and you in God,
For this is the Divine Union,
Of which enlightened masters speak.
Sell yourself not short ignorantly,
But see the Divine Spark inwardly.
Attune yourself to this Pure Light,
Which shines as your eternal soul.
Life has no greater undertaking,
Than to be masters of your destiny.
Entangled in the web of mundane life,
Will keep you in bondage unending.
Look to the farther beckoning shore,
Where the nectar of bliss is flowing.
Let God be the expert boatman,
Plying deftly the oars to salvation.
So did Guru Kabir teach years ago -
A teaching resonant to this day.
Hearken to his divine instruction,
If your spiritual welfare you cherish.
You alone have the magic power,
To bid Heaven's Gate open for you.
Taste the nectar of divine bliss,
And your life will be truly blessed.
Having perfected yourself in this life,
Bid farewell with flowers of love.

Bhajan of Kabir: pyare prapanch men toh din rat tum gujara


O dear one! You are spending the day and night in delusion,

You have obtained the human form and you should be very thoughtful.

You come here to dwell for two days and you say: "Mine, Mine";

Thousands have left everything here and went empty handed.

You are seething with desires and you run after greed;

Why do you wander unfortunately? Bring contentment in your heart.

He who gives will receive; nothing else will be of real benefit;

Only your righteous duties will go with you; do not forget this instruction.

Kabir speaks with knowledge that this world is in delusion;

Give up all your ignorance and destroy your ego and pride.