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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aeon After Aeon of Big Bangs and Universes

Aeon After Aeon of Big Bangs and Universes

Sant Mat Quote of the Day:

An infinite expansion of an old saying about the number of galaxies and grains of sand: There are more bubble universes in the grand multi-verse than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth.

Jainism - Wikipedia: "Jain cosmology considers the loka, or universe, as an uncreated entity, existing since infinity, having no beginning or an end."

In the 1920s Julian P. Johnson wrote in, Path of the Masters: "It [Pinda, the Material Realm] extends out into space far beyond the reach of any telescope. Astronomers have never been able to count these worlds - although their instruments become more perfect, the range of their observations extended. Who shall set limits or indicate bounds to those starry depths? Who can number the numberless?"

"It is impossible to confine love to the temporal and transient levels of life, and it is impossible to confine the grandeur and majesty of God to the dimensions of the mind. When I had come to a partial realization of this fact, wise adepts of the inner realms provided me with guidance through the fragrant mystic universe, the spirito-mental region. They showed me their many magnificent planets of light and wonder. It was they who ultimately persuaded me to roam and explore untold realms of gold within myself. I had no fixed starting place in time and space, for I dwelt in a multi-verse that was co-extensive with all the ages. But my inner world was still limited by the boundaries of creation; I needed the guidance of a spiritual adept, within the physical world itself, to give me new birth into the freedom of eternity." (George Arnsby Jones, An Odyssey of Inner Space, Peacehaven Press)

Roger Penrose: "I think I would say that the universe has a purpose, its not somehow just there by chance ... some people, I think, take the view that the universe is just there and it runs along--its a bit like it just sort of computes, and we happen somehow by accident to find ourselves in this thing. But I dont think thats a very fruitful or helpful way of looking at the universe, I think that there is something much deeper about it."

In the news, Roger Penrose: Echoes of Events Before the Big Bang Revealed:

Roger Penrose: Before the Beginning of the Universe: BBC Audio: "Big Bang follows Big Bang follows Big Bang":

"Aeons Before the Big Bang?", a video lecture by Roger Penrose presenting a cyclic multiverse: aeon after aeon of Big Bangs and universes, as opposed to one Big Bang, one-time-only, leading to one universe. At 68 minutes into the video, he describes how there can be evidence that has left its mark in the cosmic background radiation that there was a previous universe before the Big Bang:

Travel to the Edge of "The Known Universe":