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Sunday, November 14, 2021

"Your Naam Is Nectar To Those Who Have Tasted It" -- Bhajan (Mystic Hymn) of Baba Somanath


"Your Naam Is Nectar To Those Who Have Tasted It" -- Bhajan (Mystic Hymn) of Baba Somanath


Teraa naama rasamulaa ji

Jinhone svaada liyaa (refrain)

Your Naam is Nectar to those who have tasted it.

Banda kare jo nava dvaaraa

Randhra dasave me chitta jo thaharaa

Indri mana ko roka liyaa (1)

Close the nine doors of the body.

Concentrate your attention at the tenth gate.

Control the mind and the senses.

Aavata dhura se anahada baani

Sunata jhini antara shravani

Do nayani dhyaana laayaa ji (2)

The Anahad Bani is coming from above.

Listen to that subtle Sound Current with the internal hearing faculty.

Do Dhyan at the center between the two eyes.

Mantra guru vaakya antara sumire

Shaanta chitta mana ekaagra dhare

Jantra shabda bajaayaa ji (3)

Do the Guru’s mantra with internal remembrance.

Make the mind and chitta peaceful by concentrating them within;

Then you will hear the Shabd resounding.

Sahasra kamala se trikuti aaye

Paara brahma men sunna samaaye

Mahaa sunna se bhanvara gayaa ji (4)

From the one thousand-petaled lotus, the soul ascends to Trikuti.

In Par Brahm the soul becomes absorbed in the Void.

From the great void the soul goes to Bhanwar Gupha.

Sata loka aura alakha agama

Nija gati raadhaa swaami dhaamaa

Daasa Soma samaayaa ji (5)

The soul then travels to Sat Lok, Alakh and Agam regions.

The final stage of the spiritual journey is Radhaswami Dham.

The servant Somanath became absorbed in that State.



Bhajan/Hymn # 51: 


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