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Friday, November 30, 2007

That Your Astral Eyes Are Not Bound by the Temporal Domains

That Your Astral Eyes Are Not Bound by the Temporal Domains

"Is this path difficult?" I questioned haltingly.

"It can be difficult if your attention is in the wrong place," answered the holy man. "If you constantly focus your attention downwards into the manifold attributes of the world, you will become identified with matter. But if you focus your love aspect constantly upwards into the Being of God, you will eventually become merged with the all-embracing love of the Supreme Lord. Love is an inherent quality of the human heart; and it is through love that the most potent truths of all creation are apprehended."

(The Pilgrimage of James, An Odyssey of Inner Space, by George Arnsby Jones, Peacehaven Press)

Oh, you, that your astral eyes, are not bound by the temporal domains,
And even the sun in the sky becomes insignificant when it faces you.

In all the visions, there is nothing but his Light,
And that is why I have sought the company of the sublime beings.

We remain alive eternally by recollecting the Almighty,
As we are, for ever, indebted to his compassion.

To recollect the Beloved day and night, should be your only motive.
One must not remain without his remembrance, even for a moment.

The one who attains solidarity through the recollection of God,
He attains eternity along the celestial existence.

(Kalaam-e-Goya, gazals and quatrains of Bhai Nand Lal)

Your conscious heart is brimful with godly brilliance.
You were just a flower but have turned into a flower-garden.

Roam around in this landscape of yours,
And, like a virtuous bird, soar through.

There exist in each corner of that (landscape), thousands of celestial gardens,
And both these domains are the grains from the same ear.

Celestial recollection is the food for that pious bird,
His remembrance is its recollection, and its reminiscence.

Whosoever is imbued with the recollection of the Almighty,
The dust of his avenues is collyrium for our eyes.

If you gain the celestial remembrance,
Then, 0 My Mind, consider, all your adversities eliminated.

(Kalaam-e-Goya, gazals and quatrains of Bhai Nand Lal)