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Thursday, September 30, 2021

If Your Eye Be Single -- The Light of One Soul is Equal to That of Sixteen Suns! Sant Mat Satsang Podcast


If Your Eye Be Single -- The Light of One Soul is Equal to That of Sixteen Suns! Spiritual Awakening Radio -- Sant Mat Satsang Podcast

The Soul is described by the saints as a spirit-entity of brilliant Light that has incarnated Itself into several subtle bodies as well as the physical body. Thus, the Light of the Soul has become covered over with several layers of darkness. But as we follow the contemplative meditation practice of the masters, the Soul comes to know Itself again. It rises above body-consciousness and ascends still further, regaining It's former luminescence. "If your eye be Single, your whole body shall be full of Light." (Jesus/Yeshua, Gospel of Matthew)

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"Till the Eye of Knowledge opens, that is, our Third Eye opens inside, we do not know of this Reality. This Reality will only be known when that Knowledge is open to us when that Third Eye opens... The soul is always seated at the back of the Eye Center. Like the sun, which illuminates and brightens the day, everything is all lit up, and everything is bright [like] when the sun is up in the sky. Like that, it is the soul, which is at the back of the Eye Center, and the attention of that soul, which is there, the rays of the soul, which go into the body, illuminate the body." (Baba Ram Singh)

"If one is whole, one will be filled with Light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness ... There is light within a Person of Light, and it illuminates the entire cosmos." (Jesus/Yeshua, from the Gospel of Thomas)

"The Light of one soul is equal to that of sixteen suns." (Anurag Sagar, The Ocean of Love, Path of Kabir)

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Spiritual Awakening Radio (and Sant Mat Satsang Podcasts) with James Bean, heard on various community, public radio stations and the web, explores the world of spirituality, comparative religion, world scriptures and other books, East and West, God, meditation, out of body or near death experiences (inner space), the vegan diet and other ahimsa ethics -- education for a more peaceful planet.

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"God is Love; each soul is a drop from the Divine Ocean, and the Way back to God is also through Love." (Kirpal Singh)

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