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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Mystic Verses and Music of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans

Look Not in the Five Directions. Look Instead Ahead in the Centre of the Sixth! Mystic Verses of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj

Discard looking in any of the five directions -- downwards, upwards, to the right, left and rear
And still your sight at a point in the centre of the sixth direction (i.e. in the front).

Fly ahead in the inner firmament [sky] like a bird through the Radiant Point that appears (as a result of your focused gaze).

Swim upstream from there like a fish, clasping the myriads of Sounds that are perceived (in that Light).

Thus, assuming styles of both the bird as well as the fish, travel on and on, O Mind, an endearing friend that you are!

The mind thus grows indifferent (towards worldly objects) and the soul ascends to perceive the Primordial Udgitha Sound
Also known as Sfoṭa, Om, Sat Dhvani, Praṇava, Unbroken/Incessant Sound, etc...
Which is reverberating very loudly, hidden in the Domain of Sound.

Move ahead from one Sound to another till you catch the Quintessential, True Praṇava Sound.
Holding onto this Unique Om or Sat Naam Sound, swim across the ocean of existence.

-- Quoted in the E Book, Yoga of Inner Light and Sound, by Swami Achyutanand Baba:

Namami Amit Gyan, Hymn Number 14 from the Padavali of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans

To Listen, GO TO: https://archive.org/details/MadhuNamamiAmitGyan      (And Click the Play Button)

In Praise of the Master

Sung by Madhulata Arya

Excerpts of Some Verses from This Hymn in English

I bow again and again to the embodiment of unending devotion, kindliness,
The store-house of Divine knowledge beyond worldly wisdom;

And the treasure-house of splendid thoughts,
Extremely forgiving, forbearing, profound in knowledge,
And maintaining the equipoise of mind during conflict and confusion,

The very life-force of devotees, giving them endless sympathy,
I bow to the Satguru, the giver knowledge and magnificent Lord;
I bow to him, I bow to him, I bow to him, I bow to him;

Eliminating worldly catastrophes, turmoil, and the maze of mundane deeds;
Shattering all earthly aspirations and disseminating deep knowledge,

He is the one who helps see the inner Light Divine,
Extremely accommodating and indifferent to sensualities,
Free from mental abnormalities and enjoying absolute peace;

I bow again and again to the Quintessential One, the Lord,
Converting disciples to His nature,
Extracting the poison of sensualities from the mind;

Satguru is the treasure house of highest bliss, granting contentment and peace,
Bestowing all the virtues and destroying the great fears and delusions,
As he assumes the magnetic human personality;

I bow to Satguru, the very embodiment of truth and righteousness,

I salute You, O beneficent Satguru (True Guru), the fount of unfathomable wisdom,
vast treasure of intelligence; to know the Unknowable you impart needed perfection.
The life-breath of devotees, boundless ocean abounding in compassion.
To the True Guru adored by all, I bow down,
bow down, bow down, bow down, to thee I bow down.
Giver of total peace, most venerable,
truly helpful in inner ascension.
I prostrate to the transforming Lord-Satguru,
bow down, bow down, bow down, to thee I bow down. 
You infuse perfect tranquillity and all noble virtues,
mastering a magnetic persona; you drive away fears bred by infatuation.
The family of senses is like snakes with venom lethal,
you, O True Guru, render them poison less like a mighty falcon.
For the thick dark night of illusion,
the Satguru's words are like powerful beams of the Sun.
I bow down, says Mehi, to the Perfect Guru,
bow down, bow down, bow down, to thee I bow down.