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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Excerpted from, World Peace in the Atomic Age, by Kirpal Singh

Excerpted from, World Peace in the Atomic Age, by Kirpal Singh -- Address to the Ninth General Session of UNESCO, held in Delhi India, 1956 and published in "The Way of the Saints: SANT MAT"

"While pressing for the moral and intellectual solidarity of mankind, we have not laid any stress on the spiritual aspect of man which is the most vital but a sadly ignored proposition. It is a cementing factor running throughout all humanity without which all our attempts in the intellectual and moral planes may succumb and collapse. On my tour of England, Germany and the U.S.A. last year I was asked, "How can we avoid the danger of atomic war?" I told the listeners that we can avoid this if we but live up to what the scriptures say. We know so much about the Sermon on the Mount, the Ten Commandments and the Eight-fold Path of the Buddha, for preaching to others, but we do not live up to what we preach. "Be the doers of the Word and not hearers only—deceiving your own selves." Reformers are wanted, not of others but of THEMSELVES. Learn to live just as Yudishtra, one of the five Pandos, did. It is said that the five Pandos were placed under the tuition of a teacher and the teacher gave them a book which started, "Tell the truth, don't be angry," and so on. Four of the brothers memorized the full booklet. When the turn of Yudishtra, the other brother, came, he said, "Well, Master, I have learned one sentence fully, 'to tell the truth'; and 'don't be angry,' I have learned only half of that." The master was enraged. He said, "What will I answer to the king?" In two or three months he'd learned only one sentence and another only half. He began slap the boy—once, twice, thrice. Then he said, "Why can't you tell the truth?" Yudishtra said, "I do tell the truth that I have learned one sentence— to tell the truth— and the other only half, not to get angry. And now I tell you the truth that in the beginning I was not angry, but when you went on slapping me, I got angry in my mind." So unless we learn to live as Yudishtra did, there can be no advancement in any phase of our life. Food which is digested gives strength. If we put in practice what we have learned, all danger of an atomic war will be avoided."


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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Podcast: Spiritually Awakening From the Dream and Finding Your Soul in Another World #SpiritualAwakeningRadio #SantMatSatsangPodcasts #SantMat #Radhasoami


Podcast: Spiritually Awakening From the Dream and Finding Your Soul in Another World

"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." (Carl Jung) "Happy is the one who comes to himself and awakens." (Valentinus) "Awakened Souls always draw our attention to the fact that we are being deceived. If at all there is anything true or eternal, it is the soul or the Oversoul." (Kirpal Singh) "Meditate on the True Name, and rise within just like ascending a staircase. Listen to the Music of the Heavens... Ascend on the lifeline of the Sound Current as a spider climbs up the thread." (Baba Somanath)

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"If I sleep,

I meet Him in my dreams;

When awake,

I see Him in my heart;

My inner eye opened

At such a happy hour

That my Beloved Lord

Is never out of my sight."

– Kabir

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Another Podcast: A Culture of Love, The Heart of Mysticism: The Way of Love and Devotion (Prem and Bhakti)

"In Sant Mat, the Teachings of the Saints, great importance has been attached to Bhakti (love, devotion); it is the sine qua non* of Sant Mat. If there are all other attributes but no Bhakti, then there is nothing." (Maharaj Saheb) NOTE: * sin-ny qua non, an essential condition; a thing that is absolutely necessary; 

-- Spiritual Awakening Radio, The Sant Mat Satsang Podcast

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Thursday, February 17, 2022

Hymn of Santji: "Naam Saheb da chambe di buti" With English Translation


Hymn of Santji: "Naam Saheb da chambe di buti" With English Translation


Naam Saheb da chambe di buti

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

Naam Saheb da chambe di buti (2)

The name of the master is the herb of Jasmine.


Satguru  man mere vich lai pyareyo (2)

O dear ones, Satguru has been planted in my heart.


Satsang da  nit pani de ke (2) 

By giving the water of satsang everyday.


Kar lai doon swai pyareyo (2)

O dear ones, made (my devotion) more than double 

Andar buti mahak machaya (2)

The herb has created fragrance within me.


Ja fullan te aayi pyareyo (2) 

O dear ones, this has come for flowering. 

Jeeve Kirpal sohna Satguru (2)

Long live beautiful Satguru 

Jin eh buti lai pyareyo (2)

O dear ones, the one who has planted this herb 

Kirpal Singh nu simar ke papi tare anek (2) 

By meditating on Kirpal Singh many sinners have been liberated. 

Kahe Ajaib na chhodiye Kirpal singh ki tek (2)

Ajaib says do not leave the support of Kirpal Singh

Sun fariyad piran de pira (2)

Listen to the prayer, the master of masters 

Ik aakh sunava tenu pyareya (2) 

O beloved one, I would like to say one thing and make you listen. 

Tere jeha mainu ik vi ni milana (2)

I will find no one like you.

 Meri jehiyan tenu lakhi pyareya (2)

 O beloved one, there are millions of like me.

Fol na kagaj badiyan wale (2) 

Do not look at my papers of mistakes

Dar to dhaki na menu pyariya (2) 

O beloved one, do not push me back from your door. 

Je mere vich aib gunah na honde (2)

If I do not have bad qualities and faults in me. 

Tu bakhshinda kihnu pyariya (2)

O beloved one, to whom would you have liberated. 

Til til da apradhi tera (2)

I am your sinner in every smallest way. 

Ratti ratti da chor pyareya (2) 

O dear one, I am a thief by stealing every little, little thing. 

Pal pal da main gunhi bhareya (2)

I am full of bad qualities in every moment. 

Bakshi avgun mere pyareya (2) 

O dear one, forgive my bad qualities.


Kise  kam ke the nahi koi na kaudi de (2)

I was not of any use and no one gave a pie for me. 

Kirpal Singh Satguru milaya bhai  amolak deh (2) 

By meeting Satguru Kirpal Singh this body became priceless. 

Doosar  ka balak hota bhakti bina kangal (2)

If I were a child of another one I would have remained bankrupt without devotion.


Kirpal guru kirpa kari har dhan de kiyo nihal (2)

Guru Kirpal had grace on me, by giving the wealth of God made me successful. 

Gad gad bani kanth me ansu tapkat nain (2)

Bani of joy in the throat and tears are down in the eyes. 

Vo to birhan kirpal ki tadfat hai din ren (2)

She is in separation of Kirpal and crying day and night. 

Hay hay Kirpal kad mile chhati fati jaye (2)

Alas -- alas, Kirpal, when will you meet? My heart is going to burst.

Esa din kad ayega jad darshan kru aghae (2) 

 When will that day come when I will have darshan with full satisfaction. 

Bin darshan kal na pade manua dhart na dheer. (2)

I do not have peace without your Darshan my heart does not have satisfaction. 

Ajaib guru Kirpal bina kaun bandhave dheer (2)

Ajaib says without guru Kirpal who will console me.  

Tudh aage ardas hamari (2) 

I have prayer in front of you.


Jiyo pind sab tera pyareya (2)

O beloved one, my life and body everything belongs to you.


Kahe Nanak sab teri vadyayee (2) 

Nanak says it is all your glory. 

Koi naam na jane mera pyareya (2) 

O dear one, no one knows my name.


Tera kita mai jato nahi (2)

I do not realize your doing.  

Menu jog kitoi pyareya (2)

O dear one, you have united me with God. 

Mai nirgun hare koi gun nahi (2)

I am full of bad qualities and have no good qualities. 

Aape taras payoi pyareya (2)

O dear one, you yourself took pity on me.


Taras paya mai rahmat hoi (2)

You took pity on me and your grace was showered. 

Satguru sajan mileya pyareya (2) 

O dear one, I met with my beloved Satguru.

Nanak naam mile ta jiva (2) 

Nanak says, "I will live if I get Naam."

Tan man thive hareya pyareya (2)

O dear one, then my body and mind will blossom.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Sant Mat Satsang Podcast: Finding Your Spiritual Path, a Community of Kindred Souls, and Guidance

Satsang Podcast: Finding Your Spiritual Path, a Community of Kindred Souls, and Guidance

Finding Your Spiritual Path, a Community of Kindred Souls, and Guidance  -- How A Formless Supreme Being Communicates With Souls Living in Realms of Time, Space, and Form -- An Introduction to Satsang, Sant Mat Satsang Podcast of Spiritual Awakening Radio

So many paths and religions, so little time. In the category of spiritual teachings and influences, the serious Sant Mat devotee must make the teachings of the Masters the top priority, the PRIMARY FOCUS. Otherwise, we just end up hopelessly distracted, pulled in various directions, not properly motivated to follow the guidance of the Masters or find success with our meditation. May we pay the most attention to the most advanced and wisest of voices, and leave the rest behind. Satsang! As Kabir says, "For we are influenced by the company we keep."

Honor Your Present Lifetime: "My dear daughter, I will repeatedly ask you to honor your present lifetime and try your best to raise yourself toward your own home. As soon as you reach the first stage of your journey, you will notice the wonderful spiritual scenes there, which will fill your heart with happiness and gratefulness to the Holy Father... Those who accept His teachings, and act upon them with love, gradually return to the purely spiritual Region under His guidance. Therefore, you need not be anxious, and you should continually perform the spiritual practices with firm faith and trust in the mercy of the Holy Father, Who has kindly disclosed to you the secrets of the True Holy Name; and you will certainly reach the goal one day." (Hazur Baba Sawan Singh)

Today, an Introduction to the Three Levels of Satsang: 1) Association with God, 2) Association with a Living Master, and, 3) Association with the Writings of Sages and Saints, and a review of Kirpal Singh's original Instructions for Holding Satsang.

Spiritual Guidance, Learning, Inspiration, Motivation, Support For Those on the Path of the Masters -- The Soul or Spirit Should also be Given Nourishment and Pleasure just as is Done in the Case of the Body and Mind -- What are the Influences You Let Into Your Life? Still Not Making Any Progress? Still Not Meditating? Still Not Following the Path?

"It appears proper for everyone, whether a man or a woman, that as they work day and night for providing nourishment and enjoyment to their body, mind and senses, they must also work a little for securing sustenance and nourishment to their spirit... If they will do so with sincerity, they would themselves feel its beneficial effects after practicing Abhyas [the meditation practice] for a short time, and would then realize within themselves the presence of the Supreme Being and of His grace... The spirit can get the highest form of nourishment, pleasure, strength and freshness, if it is raised upwards by the practices of Surat Shabd Yoga [Inner Light and Sound Meditation] and brought into contact or merged with the Current of nectar which comes from above." (Huzur Maharaj Rai Saligram, Prem Patra Radhasoami)

"We cannot do or listen to Satsang once in a fortnight or once a month because our love and affection in the world outside is drawing us all the time. And if we want to get that love and affection towards our Master and towards God Almighty, then we have to bring it into our everyday life... That is why we should do our Bhajan Simran every day and we should listen to Satsang every day and fulfill the purpose of the life that has been given to us... So, therefore, we should listen to Satsang every day. And we should do our Bhajan Simran every day. And this is what we have been given this precious life for." (Baba Ram Singh Ji)

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* Introduction to Sant Mat Spirituality and Meditation:


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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Listen to the Satsangs Every Day -- Baba Ram Singh #SantMat #Radhasoami

Listen to the Satsangs Every Day -- Baba Ram Singh

(Sant Mat SatGuru Lineage: Swami Ji Maharaj to Baba Jaimal Singh to Hazur Baba Sawan Singh to Baba Somanath to Baba Ram Singh)

"Saints say, 'Listen to the Satsangs every day.' By doing that, you will continue to have your love and affection towards the Master. And slowly, but gradually, you will get that love and affection which you have outside in the outside world towards your Master.

"We cannot do or listen to Satsang once in a fortnight or once a month because our love and affection in the world outside is drawing us all the time. And if we want to get that love and affection towards our Master and towards God Almighty, then we have to bring it into our everyday life.

"That is why we should do our Bhajan Simran every day and we should listen to Satsang every day and fulfill the purpose of the life that has been given to us...

"He [Paltu Sahib] says, 'By doing our Simran Dhyan every day, we will gradually be able to leave the six chakras and come to the seventh chakra, and there, we will be able to open our Third Eye.'

"Once we reach there, we see our own soul. And then, all the duality outside, we come to know of the reality and all of this duality goes away.

"So there, we develop true knowledge of ourselves. We understand truly that we are not this body. We are not this mind. We are different. And we get that divine knowledge about ourselves.

"So, we should stay aloof in this world. We do not have to leave our worldly ways, but we have to remain aloof in that.

"So, as long as we do not develop that sense of being aloof in this world and get that love and affection to the Master, we will not be able to go within. And, for doing so, we have to do our Simran every day -- our Simran and Dhyan every day -- and listen to the Satsang every day. Currently, we have our affection in this world. We have this massive attachment towards our families and towards everything else in this world. So, the priority vis-à-vis the Master, is all our family and all our possessions, and everything outside. And that is why we are not able to concentrate. We are not able to get the mind stilled to go within.

"To still the mind -- to go within -- we need to still the mind. And to still the mind, we need love and affection. We need love towards the Master.

"Now, as long as we don't have that love to the Master, and instead, we have our love and affection spread in the rest of the world, we will never be able to go within on this Path.

"When we develop that love and affection towards the Master and towards Naam, then we don't need to get any cues from anybody. The meditation will automatically start happening.

"So, therefore, we should listen to Satsang every day. And we should do our Bhajan Simran every day. And this is what we have been given this precious life for."

-- Baba Ram Singh, excerpted from a satsang discourse titled, Whatever Attracts The Mind, It Runs Towards That -- And There Is Nothing More Attractive Than The Naam

Baba Somanath Ji

Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji

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Friday, February 11, 2022

Recent Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcasts and the New Website


Recent Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcasts and the New Website

Change Your Thoughts, Karma, and Destiny

God is the Ocean of Love -- Exploring the Anurag Sagar of Kabir

Rise Up! Go Beyond Your Fears and Soar Through Mystic Skies

Christian Vegetarian Series: Saint Jerome, And... The Ebionite Book of Acts

The Gospel of Divine Love -- Narada Bhakti Sutras and Sant Mat Discourses on Bhakti

An Introduction to the Gnostic Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Seeing Heaven Now During This Life

How Much Time to Spend in Meditation?

... and Many More

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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Podcast: Change Your Thoughts, Karma, and Destiny


Change Your Thoughts, Karma, and Destiny -- Sant Mat Satsang Podcast

"Today's karmas become the fate of tomorrow. According to our last life actions, our mental tendencies are formed in this life. Because of our pure actions we will have the desire to seek the association of Sants (Living Masters) and to meditate." (Swami Vyasnanand, The Inward Journey of the Soul) Today on the Sant Mat Satsang Podcast -- Spiritual Awakening Radio -- readings from Sant Kirpal Singh (Spiritual Elixir), Baba Garib Das (Anmol Vachan), Swami Sant Sevi Ji, Don Howard, Jesus (Yeshua, Gospel of Thomas), Baba Ram Singh, and Mystic Poetry of Kabir. 

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Thursday, February 03, 2022

Inner Sound Meditation: "Who else is Christ but the Sound of God?" (Acts of John)


Inner Sound Meditation: "Who else is Christ but the Sound of God?" (Acts of John)

Baba Ram Singh Ji, from a Satsang Discourse Titled, Whatever Attracts The Mind, It Runs Towards That -- And There Is Nothing More Attractive Than The Naam

"Paltu Sahib says, 'As long as you do not lose yourself from this world and focus within, you will not be able to go within. You have to stay aloof in this world. You have to lose yourself to this world and get your love and affection towards the Master....'"

Baba Ram Singh: "There is no true enjoyment and peace in anything outside — be it wealth, be it status, be it relations, nothing will give you true happiness and true peace. If there is one place that you can get true peace and happiness, that is within yourself because that is there in the Naam within and the mind is a lover of that attraction. Whatever attracts it, it runs towards that. And there is nothing more attractive than the Naam. And, therefore, the mind immediately detaches from the world and attaches with Naam.

"When the mind merges with the Sound Current, when it feels the intoxication of the Sound Current, that is the intoxication which cannot be offered by anything in these three worlds. And when the mind gets that intoxication, it immediately kicks away the rest of the world — everything that it has been pursuing till then — it kicks off all of that and merges itself with that Sound Current and enjoys that intoxication.

"The burden of karmas which the mind is carrying, all the filth of karmas which it carries, all that is burned in a fraction of a second when it gets connected to the Sound Current. And it becomes crystal clear, like a glass.

"That Sound Current is very pure, and if we have to aim to merge into that Sound Current, then we have to purify our lives. We have to live a pure life and we have to refrain from doing things that will put a burden on us.

"As soon as the Sound Current is manifested, the mind is intoxicated in that and wants to leave everything else and, even for second, does not want to leave that Sound Current. It understands its true self — that it is an essence, an element, of Brahm. And then it feels the pangs of going back to Brahm.

"So, Mahatmas say, 'No other means — there are no other means — you may try a million different ways, but you will not be able to control the mind. The mind can only get controlled by manifesting the Sound Current within.'"

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"Who else is Christ but the Sound of God?" (Acts of John)

"Sawan Singh and the Way of Sound" -- Video: https://youtu.be/c8k4yXuGH28

Resources on Inner Sound and the Inner Planes or Realms: 

The Ascension of the Soul, Sant Mat E Booklet, Parts 1 Through 5: https://santmatradhasoami.blogspot.com/2015/01/the-ascension-of-soul-sant-mat-e.html

The Meditation chapter of the book Spiritual Elixir, by Kirpal Singh: https://ruhanisatsangusa.org/pdf/Elixir.pdf  

Hearing the Celestial Sound Current During Meditation: https://medium.com/sant-mat-meditation-and-spirituality/hearing-the-celestial-sound-current-during-meditation-discourse-on-inner-sound-meditation-6ab48ca457e1

The Yoga of Sound -- Exploring Sound Meditation (Auditory Mysticism) in the Great World Religions:


From Light to Sound, From Form to Formlessness — Stages of Meditation on the Path of the Masters:


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