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Friday, March 10, 2017

PODCAST: Ascension of the Soul, Part 3: The Third Heaven and Great Void (Maha Sunn) -- Spiritual Awakening Radio

PODCAST: Ascension of the Soul, Part 3: The Third Heaven and Great Void (Maha Sunn) -- Spiritual Awakening Radio


PODCAST: Ascension of the Soul, Part 3: The Third Heaven and Great Void (Maha Sunn) -- Spiritual Awakening Radio with James Bean -- Listen @ Youtube:

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The Ascension of the Soul into Interior Regions of Light & Sound, Part 3: The Third Region: Daswan Dwar and the Great Dark Void

"The Tenth Door", Par-Brahm, Sunn (the Void) and, Maha Sunn -- The Great Void

Soami Ji’s Mystical Meditation Room Within A Room: “From childhood Soami Ji Maharaj used to shut himself up in a small room which is at the back of another room on the ground floor of his house. For light and air there is a small aperture, otherwise no noise can reach within. This room still exists in a renovated form and is considered as one of the most sacred and hallowed of places.” (Biography/Jivan Charitar of Babuji Maharaj)

Soami Ji Maharaj in Daswan Dwar and Exploring the Great Dark Void of Maha-Sunn -- From the Sar Bachan Radhaswami Poetry

"The refulgence of this region (Daswan Dwar) is twelve times that of Trikuti. Pure pools of ambrosia, called "Mansarovar," [the Lake of Nectar] abound here. There are innumerable flowers and gardens. Spirits, like beauties, dance at various places. At every place fountains of nectar are overflowing and the streams of nectar are gushing out. How may one describe the splendour and decoration of this region! There are platforms of diamonds, beds of emeralds and plants of jewels, all studded with rubies and precious stones. Bejeweled fish, swimming in pools there, display their beauty and ornamentation, and their glitter and sheen attract attention. Beyond this, there are innumerable palaces of crystals and mirrors, in which spirit entities reside at their respective spots, as allocated by the Lord. The denizens there are spiritual and free from physical taints. Full particulars of these regions are known only to Sants." (Soamiji's, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, quoted in the book, Enchanted Land, by David Lane, MSAC Philosophy Group)

"Beyond this, there are innumerable palaces made of crystal and diverse spirits inhabit them and are settled there in accordance with the allotments made by the Lord, and they see the peculiar mutual display which is so blissful, and in turn they also establish their own plays and sports. In Hindi, these spirits are described as 'circles of hamsas' (purified spirits). The engravings and the designs carved in these spheres are to be seen in order to be believed. The entire dispensation and workshop there is purely spiritual; it is not at all gross or material.

"Spirits dwelling there are characterized by excessive delicacy, subtlety, refinement and purity; they don't have a trace of physical coarseness and impurity. The details of this sphere are known only to the faqirs. ['Full particulars of these regions are known only to Sants' -- Maheshwari translation.] To unfold more about it is not proper and advisable. For a long time the spirit of this faqir (i.e. Soamiji Maharaj Himself) sauntered and stayed there and then under instructions from the Teachers and Guides, moved ahead.

"Moving on and on, the spirit soared up about through an incalculable height and broke into the realm of Ha-hoot or Maha-sunn (in Sar Bachan, Prose, Part I, para 13, the word Hahoot is used for Sunn, and not Maha-sunn) and sauntered around it. How shall I describe it? For ten billion miles (again, incalculable distance) there is utter darkness. How shall I describe its depth, except to say that for one kharab (1 kharab = 100 billion, i.e. incalculable extent) jojans, the soul descended and yet its bottom could not be discovered; then again it reversed and turned upward, and following the track pointed by the sages, the spirit treaded that path and then it was deemed improper to determine and find out the depth of this dark region.

"The surat then moved on..."

("The Quintessential Discourse Radhasoami" -- Sar Bachan Radhasoami, Poetry, Volume I, Translation by M. G. Gupta, M.A., D.Litt. Former Member of the Faculty of Political Science, Allahabad University, Huma Books, Agra)

Commentary on the Maha-Sunn Passage Above by Sant Gharib Das of the Radhasoami Faith

"Soamiji in his Discourses has said that his surat descended into the dark regions of Maha-sunn but could neither locate the bottom or the end of it nor did it feel it worthwhile to go down any further. Thereafter, his surat [soul] adhering to the signs as revealed to him by his Gurus ascended upwards. Here Soamiji says that it was the inner Mercy of his Satguru Tulsi Saheb and that of Maharaj Girdhari Das Ji [a successor of Tulsi Sahib] whose Satsang he attended for a very long period of time."

(Sant Gharib Das, disciple in the inner circle of Soami Ji, "Anmol Bachan")

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