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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Inner Lotus Will Wither Without the Water of Love

The Inner Lotus Will Wither
Without the Water of Love

From the Dariya Sagar ("Ocean of Dariya") by Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar:

Carry on the repetition of the True Names,

taking it to be your very life-breath.

Obtain thereby the True Sound.

Sat Naam is the essence of all.

Recognizing it within yourself,

Cross the ocean of this world.

The Boundless Supreme Lord who

is in the beginning and the end,

Has descended to this earth.

Aeon after aeon
He has been coming
to impart wisdom to you.

Understand His teachings

And be immersed in His wisdom.

When one looks within ones heart,

being awakened,

One is pulled up by a magnet-like Divine Sound.

Without that Sound, a living being

is comprised of mere bones and blood,

Covered with skin on the outside.

In a moment life comes to an end,

And all our kith and kin are left behind.

But if the disciple follows

the instructions imparted by the Guru,

And takes to heart the words from the Satgurus tongue,

Then ones inner eye is illumined

And one finds the Source,

Laden with blooming flowers of immortality.

One then attains the pure-swan state,

And is rid of the vices of the wicked crow.

Such a one joins the family of the pure swans,

And is never lost in the ocean of the world, says Dariya.

Hold fast to the Sound Current,

And offer your body and mind to it.

Have love and endearment for Naam,

And you will not be lost in the ocean of the world.

There can be no devotion without love.

The inner lotus will wither without the water of love.

So long as the technique of love is not gained,

Whatever one talks of knowledge is in vain.

But when one is merged

into the Satgurus tranquil Sound Current,

One automatically obtains the taste of the nectar of love.

Just as the bee is allured by the lotus flower,

And being unable to bear the agony of separation unites with the flower;

Or just as the moon-birds heart is absorbed in the moon;

So should one be in love with the Sound Current

without ever being forgetful.

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