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Friday, January 13, 2017

PODCAST: The Yoga of SOUND, Part 5: Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters

PODCAST: The Yoga of SOUND, Part 5: Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters

PODCAST: The Yoga of SOUND, Part 5: Sant Mat, the Path of the Masters -- Spiritual Awakening Radio with James Bean -- Listen @ Youtube:

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Today, Part Five of the Yoga of Sound Series! It's time to learn about the Path of the Masters of the East: Sant Mat, the Way of the Saints, Living Gnosis Now, and the Inner Light and Sound Meditation practice (Surat Shabd Yoga) that lets the soul ascend back to the Pleroma (Fullness), Nirvana, Sach Khand, Sat Lok (the True Eternal Timeless Realm), the Kingdom of the Heavens, Radhaswami Dham. 

There are inner Sounds that one receives instruction from a true Master about at the time of initiation into Surat Shabd Yoga (Inner Sound Meditation, the Yoga of the Audible Life Stream). These Sounds are perceived to come from the right side or center and represent the Ascending Current. Sounds that appear to be coming from the left side are of the descending current flowing downward into the material creation or multiverse. One is instructed to focus on the Sounds of the Ascending Current or Audible Life Stream — certain Sounds. There are of course many other sounds one might hear, but one has to focus on certain Sound Currents. The reason for this is these Sounds, if focused upon during meditation practice, will keep pulling the soul’s attention up to ever higher and higher levels. These are coming from regions Above. Other sounds, though mistaken for the Sound Current, are interesting, miraculous or even mystical, will not help the Surat-soul to ascend or make spiritual progress.

Sometimes in the news there have been reports about people hearing a mysterious sound that seems to be coming from nowhere. One of these has been called “the Taos Hum.” In, Philosophy of Liberation, Maharshi Mehi states that not only are there spiritual sounds associated with the heavenly realms, but there are also many vibrations or semi-subtle sounds associated with the gross-material realm. He says one should not falsely assume they are accessing the real inner Sound Current just by hearing ANY kind of sound that may manifest itself in one’s perception during the silence of meditation:

“There are sounds due to gross vibrations in the material body. To meditate on these gross-material sounds and believe it to be as the full practice of the Yoga of Sound shows a lack of knowledge of Yoga.” There are gross-material sounds one can hear in the silence of meditation that do not lead one Above, do not lead to spiritual growth, transformation or enlightenment. Swami Vyasanand: “This is because only the Central Sound has the power to attract the consciousness to the center and carry the soul to the center of a higher realm. Other illusory material sounds do not have that magnetism to attract the consciousness to the higher realms.”

“Various sorts of Sound Currents reverberate in the human system from which the initiate has to pick up the right one and listen to it, otherwise he will go astray and lose his equipoise. The practical Guru forewarns his disciple and directs which Sound to listen to and which one to discard.” (Shiv Brat Lal)

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