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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Radhasoami Sant Mat -- Light and Sound on the Path

Radhasoami Sant Mat - Light and Sound on the Path

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"In a nut-shell, the Radhasoami Faith is a Gospel of Love. Love towards the holy feet of Radhasoami Dayal [Merciful Lord of the Soul], love towards the Guru of the time and love with all the human beings is its cardinal message." (Agam Prasad Mathur, Petals of Love)

"The practice of Surat Shabd Yoga is dependent on the love generated in the devotee's heart for the Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal [Merciful Lord of the Soul, Anami, Anadi Purush]. The Radhasoami Faith [Sant Mat] therefore advocates the blending of Yoga with Bhakti [devotion]." (Agam Prasad Mathur)

The Prose (Sar Bachan Radhasoami Bartik): Book One of the Sar Bachan Prose is an Abstract of the Teachings of Huzur Radhasoami Saheb (Soami Ji Maharaj) authored by Huzur Maharaj (Rai Saligram). Book Two of the Sar Bachan Prose is a collection of the Sayings of Soami Ji Maharaj delivered in Satsang.

Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry (Sar Bachan Radhasoami Nazm yaani Chhand bandh): Both volumes of Sar Bachan Poetry represent compositions of Soami Ji Maharaj. "This scripture was written to the dictation of Huzur Radhasoami Saheb Himself. He had no intention to compose any Bani. But some devoted Satsangis and Sansangins persistently beseeched Him, and He was pleased to accede to their prayer." (Radhasoami Sahia Bhoomika -- Preface to the Sar Bachan Poetry, by Huzur Maharaj) 

Web Page Dedicated to the Teachings of Soami Ji Maharaj and His Writings Online: http://www.spiritualawakeningradio.com/radhasoami.html

Sant Mat History: From the Last Words or Parting Instructions of Soami Ji Maharaj of Agra: "Then Seth Sundarshan Singh then asked whom should they look to for guidance after Him. Swami Ji Maharaj said, 'Whoever needs spiritual guidance, should seek it from Salig Ram (Huzur Maharaj).'"

"Truth should be the guideline in the performance of all activities, spiritual or temporal, for a satsangi. Nothing that falls short of truth should be acceptable to him [or her]." (Agam Prasad Mathur, Petals of Love)

The Cosmos Is A Symphony of Vibrating Currents or Strings, By Huzur Maharaj

"The entire creation is composed of currents. The various bodies are made up of currents (threads or wires). Just as cloth is made from threads or as the branches and twigs of a tree are but clumps of fibres, so is the human body made up of thread-like nerves, through which currents pass. This is how all the physical bodies are made. When a person speaks, his voice becomes audible by means of currents. Similarly it is by the currents of sight (light) that we see the world.

"When there was no universe, the first thing that happened [the First Cause] was that a current issued forth from the Feet of the Supreme Being Compassionate Radhasoami [Lord of the Soul]. This current is the current of Shabda [Mystic Sound] and of Life and Light. The entire creation of all the regions [planes, spheres, dimensions] higher or lower, has been brought into existence by this current.

"The seat of the Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal is within everybody. The spirit currents descended from Him creating Dayal Desh [Merciful Region, Spiritual Realms], Brahmand [universal mind] and Pind [physical plane, material universe/multiverse]. From a centre inwards between the two eyes, where the spirit has taken its location in this body [seat of the soul, third eye, wisdom eye], it is supplying energy by means of currents to the mind and the senses and the entire frame. As the spirit current alone is the current of bliss, pleasure and knowledge, it is only on account of it, that all those having physical bodies experience pleasure and relish it through the sense organs.

"Whoever is desirous of reaching the source of this current, which is the fountain-head and reservoir of all bliss, all pleasure and all knowledge, to obtain supreme bliss and eternal happiness, should revert to its source, i.e., the Feet of the Supreme Creator, Radhasoami, with the help of this very current."

-- Huzur Maharaj (Rai Bahadur Salig Ram Sahab), Prem Patra Radhasoami, Volume One (the Love Discourses of the Lord of the Soul)

Sant Mat History: On the Origin, Meaning, and Usage of the Sacred Name of God 'Radhasoami' (Pronounced "Radha-Swami")

Soami is Ocean and Radha its First Wave

"The founders of the faith have a few allegorical interpretations to put forward to explain the two components of the word -- Radha and Soami. The second guru says that the Supreme Being may be compared to an Ocean. A creative Ocean cannot be perceived without commotion. The first wave of the endless Ocean is Radha. The original Current is not different from but is identical with the Ocean itself and as it comes out so it is ever drawn towards it. The creative Ocean, therefore, is Soami and the first original wave just identical to the Ocean is Radha. The two together form the Supreme Ocean full of spiritual bliss and truth. Hence Radhasoami. ....

"Radhasoami faith is the religion of pure and spiritual love. Love denotes two components, the Beloved and the lover. The prime Source of all love and spiritual energy is the Beloved and is therefore known as Soami. The first wave of love and spiritual energy arising from its Source and then being attracted towards it again, is the lover and therefore is known as Radha. The Supreme Love is Radhasoami, identifying both the components and fusing them into one." (Agam Prasad Mathur, Radhasoami Faith, A Historical Study)

"In the Radhasoami Faith, this Supreme Being is called 'Radhasoami'. The exponents of this faith hold that this holy name has been given out by the Supreme Being Himself and as it is refulgently resounding within the higher spheres, it can be heard by a person who practises Surat Shabd Yoga. The second Guru used to address his Guru as 'Radhasoami Saheb'. When Hazur Maharaj practised the spiritual exercise of Surat Shabd Yoga and attained the highest spiritual Truth, He listened internally the refulgent resonance of Radhasoami incessantly resounding in the first and highest region of creation and found his Guru identical with the Highest Spiritual Being. He was then filled with divine grace and holy light of love. As such, He addressed Him as 'Radhasoami Saheb' and considered Him to be the incarnation of the Supreme Being. .... It was Huzur Maharaj who revealed the name Radhasoami after he realized in His deep meditation (Abhyas) not only that Soami Ji Maharaj was identical with Radhasoami, the Supreme Being, but also that Radhasoami is an ever reverberating Sound coming from the Highest Abode." (Agam Prasad Mathur, Petals of Love)

"RADHASOAMI Nam was revealed by the Supreme Being Himself. When the humble devotees of Soamiji Maharaj, as a result of their successful Abhyas ([meditation] devotional practices) and Satsang, came to realize His exalted position and immense spiritual powers, and when He too, in His grace and mercy, enabled them to recognize Him, they started addressing Him by the appellation of RADHASOAMI, the Name of the Original Abode from where He made His advent to this world, for showering His grace on Jivas [souls] in this Kali Yuga." (Radhasoami Sahia Bhoomika -- Preface to the Sar Bachan Poetry, by Huzur Maharaj)

"Soamiji tested His disciple and He found that Hazur was capable of spreading His spiritual message. The disciple had realized the Master; and the Master had also recognized the spiritual perfection and glow of the disciple. He recognized in Hazur Maharaj His own spiritual counterpart and on a special request of Hazur, Soamiji Maharaj established the Satsang in 1861. In all eternal radiance Soamiji Maharaj bestowed upon him the most precious and sacred gift -- the revelation of the name 'Radhasoami'. It was the name that Hazur gave to Soamiji Maharaj after the [inner] realization that his Guru was identical with the Supreme Being. The object of Hazur's life had been achieved and he felt contented as never before. Later in 1866, at Hazur Maharaj's stance, Soamiji Maharaj revealed the holy name 'Radhasoami' to His followers." (Agam Prasad Mathur, Petals of Love)

"The Radhasoami mat or Faith derives its name from its original founder, the Supreme Being, Radhasoami, who appeared in this world in human form and designated Himself Sant Sat Guru or perfect Saint or True Guide and Preceptor, and preached holy doctrines to the sincere Enquirer of Truth for the deliverance of their spirit from the bondage of body and surroundings, as well as from the pains and pleasures of this world, and for the ultimate admission (of their spirit entity) into the Holy Presence of the Supreme Being after traversing and breaking through the trammels and impediments in the material spheres." (Huzur Maharaj, Radhasoami Mat Prakash -- Being a Message of Eternal Peace and Joy to All Nations -- Originally written by Hazur Maharaj in English and published in 1897)


"Radhasoami Naam -- whoever recites gets across the ocean of life; troubles vanish, bliss abides, and gone's complete all strife." (Soami Ji Maharaj, Manglacharan, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Book One)

Chanting the Name Radhasoami

"You have to walk with Me, with My spirit, with My radiation. Receive My radiation first, then you can enjoy every radiation with right understanding and without being submerged and drowned in the current of attraction and repulsion they call Maya [illusion].

Always carry My reflection. My aura or reflection is the sum total energy and My spirit of the universe. I am all strength and courage. I am all love and mercy. I am the potential of all talents. I am the source of all riches. I am the light of all wisdom. I am that truth of all truths.

All exist in Me as they are part of Me and I exist in all of them. They are nothing but Me. You will see that I am vibrating everywhere, not only as light waves but also as sound waves, as the creative force, as the procreative force, as the force of all expansion.

I am the creative force, 'Raaa'.

I am the expanding force, 'Dhaaa'.

I come back with all the vibrations, 'Swammm'.

I become again one with you all and you feel one with Me as 'EEEE'.

Ra Dha Swam i.

(Radhaswami, Ra-Dha-Swam-e, Radhasoami).









Chant this Name, this is Me in sound form.

Enjoy Me in sound form, as the magnetic field of love.

(Discourses of Sree Mentu Maharaj, Volume One)

Prem Bani Radhasoami of Huzur Maharaj

The Supreme Father Radhasoami Dayal [Merciful Lord of the Soul] loves you dearly.

He will redeem you in a moment.
Believe what I say is true.

Know that Radhasoami is your True Beloved.
His heart is overflowing with compassion for souls.
He imparts them his own strength and redeems them.

Have no anxiety or worry in your mind now.



........ every moment.

Always utter 'RADHASOAMI',
the Name of the Merciful Supreme Being.
Then only will mind and Kal become powerless against you.

Radhasoami is my most Beloved Lord.
None other than Him comes to mind.

I sing praises of Radhasoami again and again
and shall remain at His holy feet ever alert and vigilant.

I discard all the evil tendencies of the mind
and enshrine RADHASOAMI Nam in my heart.

I sing 'RADHASOAMI', 'RADHASOAMI',......every moment.

(Huzur Maharaj, Prem Bani Radhasoami, Volume One)

The Sar Bachan of Swami Ji Maharaj

Radhasoami has imparted a unique message.
The moment I utter the Holy Word 'RADHASOAMI',
all my doubts and misgivings are dispelled.
Radhasoami has taken me in His lap.
Radhasoami will also redeem you.
Repeat the Holy Word 'RADHASOAMI' all the time.
Recite 'RADHASOAMI' all the twenty four hours.
Radhasoami dwells in my heart every moment.

(Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Book One)


'''Satsang' is association with the Guru or a Sadh [sadhu, or virtuous satsangi, devotee], and the Guru or Sadh should be a follower of the Religion of Saints, i.e., the Radhasoami Faith [Sant Mat]. In such a Satsang there will be no mention of quarrels, disputes, stories, worldly entanglements and such other things. Only the following matters will be dealt with:

(1) Glory of Sat Purush, the Compassionate Radhasoami [God, the Lord of the Soul], the secrets of the path -- of the various stages, and the methods of traversing the path;

(2) Methods of developing love for -- and faith in -- the Feet of Merciful Radhasoami and the Guru;

(3) Engendering in one's mind -- of the condition of indifference to -- and detachment from -- the world and its enjoyments;

(4) Description of those obstacles which the mind and Maya [illusion] create to prevent an Abhyasi [practitioner] from proceeding on the path;

(5) Description of the experiences which an Abhyasi [practitioner] gets at the time of Satsang and his Abhyasa [meditation practice]; and,

(6) Description of the ascent of the spirit to higher regions and the conditions therein." (Huzur Maharaj, Radhasoami Mat Sandesh)

Devotional Practices

"It should be noted that all the following activities are included in devotional practices (Abhyas):

(1) Sumiran [Simran: Repetition of the Holy Name];
(2) Sumiran and Dhyan [Repetition of the Holy Name along with Contemplation of the Holy Form];
(3) Bhajan [Listening to the Sound Current].
(4) Recitation of holy books or listening to their recital in Satsang intelligently;
(5) Discussing the principles of the Radhasoami Faith or listening to such discussion;
(6) Thinking about and reflecting on matters pertaining to the Radhasoami Faith and its practices and pondering them; and
(7) Examining the ways of one's mind and senses daily, keeping them under control as far as possible." (Huzur Maharaj, Prem Patra Radhasoami, Volume One)

Above -- Letters from the Masters:
Huzur Maharaj (from a collection of extracts
from letters written by
Param Guru Huzur Maharaj to satsangis)

Ocean (God), Wave (the Living Master/Sant Satguru) and Drop (the Soul)

"The relationship between the Supreme Being, the Guru and the jivas [souls] has been well compared with ocean, its wave and the drop. The Supreme Being is the ocean of all bliss, light, life, sound and truth. The Guru is the wave which is always in union with the ocean and not different from it and the jiva [soul] with the same attributes is a drop far away from the ocean. This contact between the drop and the wave is the true Bhakti [path of love]. Therefore, emphasis has been laid upon establishing contact between the Guru and the disciples at all levels, that is, physical, mental and spiritual. This contact would be developed through the company of the Guru, both external and internal. The external company of the Guru is called the 'external satsang' and the internal company of the Shabd form of the Guru is called the 'internal satsang'. There are four essentials on which this faith bases its tenets:

1. Sat-Guru

2. Sat-Sang

3. Sat-Anurag (True Bhakti)

4. Sat-Naam (the true name, that is, Radhasoami Nam) or Sat-Shabd

"By the Seva [service] and the Satsang [true association] of the Guru the spirit entity would slowly and slowly shake off the coverings [sheaths, subtle bodies] and would be able to catch the Sound Currents and one day reach the Ultimate Abode. The whole process may take a period of four lives which may be shortened in the case of more ardent devotees.

"For the attainment of perfect salvation, the Radhasoami Faith like all other Sant sects, shuns all other paraphernalia and external observances and rituals. It has emphasized upon the pure love in the holy feet of the Supreme Being and the Guru. As such it denounces hatred and discrimination among the human beings. All are the children of one Father and as such there is no place for such a discrimination in point of caste, creed or color and thus cannot check one to adopt this faith. According to the Radhasoami Faith, women are entitled to enjoy the same privileges as men. They also can practice Surat Shabd Yoga and gain high spiritual attainments. The champions of this enlightened faith, advocated in the social set up of the nineteenth century the removal of the purdah system for the ladies and urged them to come out of the narrow social restrictions and respond to the call of the time. Moreover, their preachings strengthened the disintegrating Hindu society by effacing the false barriers of caste prejudices." (Agam Prasad Mathur, Petals of Love)

"Great emphasis as been made by the Masters on the generation of love for the Supreme Being, the Supreme Master who is all love. Love is the prime source of boundless energy. Love is bliss, and thus the Supreme Being is Supreme Bliss. Love is Light and Truth and from them emanates intelligence. Thus, the Supreme Being is an infinite Ocean of bliss, intelligence, energy, truth and light. He is eternal and unchangeable, the sole director of the whole creation. Such a Supreme Being is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. He is all-pervading. The entire universe is the creation of His own Current and as such He is present at every stage in the creation." (Agam Prasad Mathur, "Petals of Love")

"The sole purpose of the incarnation of the Supreme Being as Satguru is to redeem the Jivas [souls] from the cycle of chaurasi [the transmigratory cycle of births and deaths], to reveal to them the efficacy of Surat Shabd Yoga and to engender into them the true and sincere love for the Supreme Being." (Agam Prasad Mathur, "Petals of Love")

"Through practicing Surat Shabd Yoga with love and bhakti one is able to attain true salvation. One does not have to forego one's worldly duties for this practice, which can be performed by anyone, whether young or old, male or female. The key ingredients of this faith are love and devotion." (Agam Prasad Mathur, Petals of Love)

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Transcendental Seeing and Hearing - Light and Sound on the Path

"This spiritual path and its destination is divine love..... The remover of difficulties is the one spiritual teacher who has given you the secret knowledge (spiritual guidance and experience)." (Baba Devi Sahab)

"The Satguru pulled me up into the Gagan [Mystic  Sky, Firmament]. On hearing the Shabda [Sound Current] my spirit was emancipated, O my Compassionate Sat Purusha [True, Eternal Original Being, God]! He showered His Grace and embraced me; by taking shelter in His Holy Feet I came under His protection. Knowledge of my countless past lives was revealed, and the cycle of births and deaths was now eradicated. I obtained the wealth of unlimited love and faith, and with victory over matter, I recognized the Shabda [Sound Current] of Trikuti [Three Worlds, Causal Plane]. On hearing this Shabda I was enabled to hear the Shabda of Sat Lok [True, Eternal, Timeless, Spiritual Ream]. The spirit then proceeded further and came into contact with the Sound coming from Its Nij Dham (Original Abode). How can I adequately praise the majestic glory of Merciful Radhasoami [the Lord of the Soul] Who is all-knowing?" (Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Poetry, from, Prem bhari
 meri ghat ki gagaria....)

"A diamond was laying in the street covered with dirt. Many fools passed by. Someone who knew diamonds picked it up." (Kabir)

The method for taking back the Spirit to Its Supreme Source

is first to concentrate at the focus of the eyes [at the Third Eye Center] the Spirit and mind,

which are diffused in our body, and in a manner tied to external objects by desires and passions.

Next is to commence Its journey homewards by attending to the Internal Sound, or in other words,

by riding the Life or Sound Current that has originally emanated from the Supreme Source.

-- Huzur Maharaj, Radhasoami Mat Prakash -- A Message of Peace and Joy to All Nations

PODCASTS: Spiritual Awakening Radio: "The Law of Attention, Nada Yoga and the Way of Inner Vigilance", is a book authored by the late Edward Salim Michael, and has some great genuine insights about encountering the inner Sound in meditation. At this webpage hear a couple of radio programs exploring the wisdom of this book, passages from Buddhist and other world scriptures on inner Sound, and there's an interview with the author's wife, Michele Michael:

"Meditation is the soul's Portal to the Divine, a Doorway to God and the Heavens that are within. Place your mind before the mirror of eternity. Place your soul in the brilliance of glory. Place your heart in the figure of the divine substance and transform your entire being into the image of the Godhead itself through contemplation. Meditate upon the Love, Light and Sound of the Positive Power within you. When darkness is no longer dark, when the stillness of the night gives birth to a faint Celestial Melody, know this: one more soul is being summoned to awakening, one more soul hears the Call, one more soul ascends to the Place of Life." (from my article, "Seeing Heaven as a Real Place")

The Art Of Seeing, by Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj

"What is the use of beautiful eyes when you do not understand the art of seeing? Just as a flower is beautiful, without a fragrant scent it is not so appealing. Sant Paltu Sahab says: 'What is the use of decorating your eyes if you do not know the art of seeing'? By 'art of seeing' he is not talking about how to see beautiful scenery or magnificent sights. But rather he is referring to the practitioner (sadhak) on the spiritual journey. He is referring to the sadhana (spiritual/meditation practices) which allows one to develop the art of seeing. .... If we can not see the Unseen then we are not using our vision to the fullest extent possible. What kind of eyes are we speaking about here? Are we talking about the physical eyes composed of flesh? No. Sant Kabir says you can not see the celestial subtle realm with these physical eyes of the flesh. Rather, we must acquire the inner eyes -- the eyes of the soul. .... Nobody can see the subtle celestial realm by looking into this physical world, only by looking within using the art of seeing can we understand the celestial. Therefore one must turn inward to understand this Formless Atman, the inner Self."

"When your eye, turning inward into your brain, pierces the sky within and your Spirit leaving your body, flies upward, you will sight the heaven which is the location of the Thousand-Petalled Lotus". (Sar Bachan of Swami Ji Maharaj, Agra)

Youtube: "Dying While Living" via Inner Light and Sound Meditation (An Introduction to the Mystics of the East):

Youtube: "The Journey Within — An Introduction to a Spiritual Path from India Called Sant Mat":

"When the soul begins to awake from its deep slumber, no worldly forces can undo with the tears and yearning of the heart. At that blessed moment the life takes a turning point and the search for the Lord starts. It is the Lord from within our own heart calling us back home. From that very moment the destination of the soul is fixed. The cry of the heart will not stop until the goal of the heart is reached and the union with the Lord is accomplished." (Lars Jensen, from, "With Cries from the Heart, the Search for a True Guru Begins")

"Holy places, austerities, rituals and ceremonies all detain you on the way. If you wish to meet the Beloved Lord, wander not in the world. Search for the Beloved Lord within your own self." (Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Agra)

The Ascension of the Soul

"It is a very difficult thing to raise oneself above the level of the plane of consciousness on which one is. The effect of long continued association with the material world which one must combat is very deep seated. Just as, if an object is submitted for a great period to the play of light of a given color, it will at length absorb and appropriate a modicum of that color.

"Hence the value of association with the Sant Sat Guru [living Master]. His influence gradually loosens the ties of the world, breaks the bonds of association with it and raises the spirit." ("Phelps Notes", by Myron Phelps)

Seek the true Master with faith, love, and patience.

He will give Light to find the hidden entrance.

If with constant effort you attune the Inner Ear,

The way to God opens and the Path will be clear.

-- Param Sant Tulsi Sahab of Hathras

"If one is keen about learning this knowledge, let him join the spiritual school of the living Satguru and thus enjoy the eternal peace of mind." (Shri Paramhans Granth)

"Unless one realizes the Self within, how can one believe that God resides there in His Refulgent Form? Only the realization of God can bestow eternal peace of mind and true happiness." (Shri Paramhans Granth)

The Methods for Returning to the Divine Source

by Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, and, Maharshi Mehi

"When the mind becomes concentrated so does the current of consciousness which permeates the body and mind.

Therefore, the Sants have given instruction about the ways to withdraw and concentrate the mind within. Maharishi Mehi elaborates on this in the Philosophy of Liberation. The following references are particularly worth studying:

"In whatever realm of this universe one lives, it is natural to get the support from the predominant element of that realm.

"Therefore, one who is dwelling in the physical realm will naturally take support from the material elements. It would be easier to utilize the sensory elements in the method to concentrate the mind.

"Therefore, to begin to concentrate the mind, one should make use of Manas japa (mental repetition of the alphabetical name of God), and Manas dhyana (focusing on a physical manifested form of God). God permeates all realms of nature and the entire universe. The saints, prophets, sages, all radiant and all benevolent beings are myriad physical manifestations of the Divine Power on earth. Fixing the mind on one of their images (Manas dhyana; focus on a divine form) facilitates concentration of the mind and prepares it to enter into the inner subtle realms. 

"In order to enter into the subtle realms, one must take support of the subtle element. One must therefore practice taking support of the subtle (non-material) element. Subtle support is 'the infinitesimal point'. This point is seen in the middle of two eye-brows. The infinitesimal point is also known as the subtlest of the subtle forms of God. Bindu (point) is defined as an indivisible point. It is too minute to be drawn or indicated in any physical way. Dristi yoga, the yoga of vision is an uninterrupted concentration on (literally 'seeing') on the infinitesimal point. Dristi is the power of seeing. Single-pointedness (intense focus) is attained by sitting with closed eyes and practicing uniting the beams of vision of both eyes. The technique of how to gaze on a single infinitesimal point in the center and concentrating the mind on that point is taught by the teacher. This is known as Dristi Yoga [yoga of inner Light]. In this practice it is advised neither to focus forcefully nor manipulate the eyeballs in any manner. The saints teach specifics of this yogic technique. By this practice the inner divine vision is opened. This is beyond the sensory dimension of seeing.

"When the state of one-pointedness (complete focus) of mind is attained, it is possible to listen to the divine inner Sounds which arise from the juncture of the material and subtle realms. These celestial Sounds are not audible to the sensory ears. When the subtle state (sukhma, non-material) is reached, it becomes possible to perceive the divine sounds of the subtle realm. This sound has the inherent quality of attracting the consciousness to its point of origin. Once that Sound is perceived, consciousness is drawn to the sounds of each successive and ascending realm until consciousness reaches the Soundless Realm (Shbadatita). This is the realm of God (a State of Transcendence and Bliss). To achieve this, service to and association with a Sat Guru, as well as his instruction and grace are essential. The practitioner must also be diligent in practice.

"The path described above can be summarized in the following manner. The four practices are gross to subtle in an ascending order: Manas japa, Manas dhyana, Dristi yoga, Nadanusandhana (inner Sound yoga), and the Soundless yoga. The practices of Manas japa (mantra) and Manas dhyana are the worship of the physical, qualified (personal) form of God. (God is perceived in various manifestations of name and form in the gross realm). The practice of the meditation on the infinitesimally small point, Dristi yoga, is the worship of the subtle qualified form of God (where God perceived as the infinitesimal point). Concentration on the divine Sounds, nadas (other than Sar Sabad, the Divine Sound of the beginning, Logos) is the worship of the qualified formless Divine. As this meditation finally leads to the meditation on the Sar Sabad (the Original Divine Sound). The meditation on this essential Sound, Logos, Adi Shabda, is the worship of the Unqualified-Formless (the transcendent Godhead). This meditation is the culmination of all forms of worship. But without completely mastering all these practices and treading the inward journey, it will be impossible to reach the Soundless State (the realization of the Impersonal form of the Divine). This is the Realm of God and the attainment of moksa (the state of liberation). Reaching this the aspirant experiences absolute peace and achieves the ultimate goal of human life." (Swami Sant Sevi Ji)

"The saints and true teachers are known to be impartial; their blessings fall like the rain. However, the rain, while falling on all, tends to collect in deep pools just as the grace of the saints while showering on all flows rapidly and collects in the deep pools of the aspirants who are devoted. It is not surprising that the aspirants through their devotion draw the grace of the master towards them. Aspirants who give great attention to the ways of the teacher are worthy of the gift of knowledge. Obviously, not the careless one, but the one who honors the gift, and cares for the receiving bowl, receives the gift of the grace of the teacher. Making oneself worthy is the secret of devotion to the master, the way of gaining grace as described in the writings of the saints.

"The aspiration to serve with love and behave humbly before the teacher arises naturally in the hearts of students. Therefore, devotion to the spiritual teacher is also natural. To say anything against devotion to the teacher is pointless. And also, the wise will not give devotion to an unworthy teacher and will influence other aspirants to do the same.

"The four essential elements a sadhaka (an aspirant of the spiritual path) needs are the following:

(1) satsang (association of saints and hearing spiritual teachings);

(2) sadacara (moral rectitude);

(3) guru seva (dedication to the teacher); and,

(4) dhyan-abhyasa (practice of meditation).....

"In Sant Mat an intense eagerness to acquire these essentials must be present. However, devotion to the teacher is paramount to the other three essentials and is the key to achieving the other three."

-- Maharishi Mehi Paramahans Ji Maharaj, "Philosophy of Liberation"

"While I am happy to give the right guidance, it should also be remembered that those initiated by me are looked after by the gracious Master-Power working overhead, Who is ever with His children and can solve all of their problems if they

but put themselves in a receptive mood. In this regard an application of sound common sense together with a calm consideration of the facts can work wonders in developing receptivity to the Master Power. Receptivity is the key which can not only solve your material difficulties, but also unlock the Kingdom of Heaven within you." (Kirpal Singh, The Need For Receptivity)

Youtube: "Children of Light", by Yes:

Reference to Holi by Mirabai

Days of good fortune are few and short-lived, so make the most of them celebrating Holi, the festival of colours (in the

right way).

Drum beats, produced without the use of (tapping of) hands, resound and uncountable notes (Anhad Naad)

reverberate inside.

All the thirty-six musical notes are heard produced without voice (vocal cords); the divine Melody echoes in all the pores of the body.

Solution of saffron (yellow colour) in the form of virtuosity and contentment is sprayed by means of the colour gun (syringe) of love and affection.

The inner sky has been coloured red (red colour is seen) as if the coloured powder has been sprinkled all over; countless hues have been raining torrentially (hinting at the sighting of divine Light).

(Translated by Pravesh K. Singh)