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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Tulsi Sahibi Satsang

A Tulsi Sahibi Satsang

Sant Mat Satsang of the Week:

Sant Tulsi Sahib: "External practices and formalism are worth nothing. The real sadhana [spiritual or meditation practice] is within one's own self."

Sant Tulsi Sahib: "Cleanse the chamber of your heart, so that the Beloved may enter. Remove all the foreign impressions, so that He can take His seat there."

Sant Tulsi Sahib: "Masters reveal the Path of Inner Light and Sound. They still the mind and raise one's attention to Mystic Skies within. The soul concentrates at the Portal [Third Eye] and is in bliss."

Sant Tulsi Sahib: A rahi dhur se sada tere bulane ke liye: 
"The Sound is coming from the Court of the Lord and is calling you."

Sant Tulsi Sahib: "Without realizing the soul and the Sound Current, all this is a vain show. All this is a vain show till the soul rises above and abides in it's Natural State."

Iconoclast Tulsi Speaks Truth-To-Power in the Poetic Spirit of Kabir

"The Mahant (leader of a religious sect) is not ashamed of going about pompously with his camel and cart. Fie upon the religion he professes. He goes from door to door making disciples. In the end, he will come to grief because of his hopes and desires, and the location he is alloted. He is constantly engaged in enjoying sensual pleasures and eating like a glutton. Yama [the god of death] will catch hold of him and break his teeth. A slave of the body, as he is, he frolics and gets puffed up in the company of Maya. He has forgotten the True Lord and the Original Abode. Know ye, and fix your gaze at the holy feet of Sants who have endowed you with human form, and realize, also, that the Guru is the Sun shining within and the disciple is the Ray. Ascend to the Sky and meet the Guru, your True Friend. You will not find the Path in the company of the pseudo guru who whispers mantras and instructions into your ears. At the end, such a guru and his chela, both will be swept away. You did not recognize your Satguru [True Guru]. Therefore, you will descend to the lower categories of existence. Says Tulsi, if the Disciple-Ray meets the Guru-Sun shining in the firmament, that is Trikuti, it will vanquish the demon Kal [lord of time, lord of illusion]." 

(Param Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, India, from, The Book of Shabdavali)

The True Guru Does Not Neglect His or Her Students, is a Good Teacher of Wisdom, and Properly Guides Their Followers

"Tulsi Sahib says that people devote themselves to worldly learning but of what use will it be if they do not recognize Sants?

The Jiva's [soul's] inner eye has not opened, and though he has his external sight, he is really blind, that is, cannot see things in their true perspective. Without the Satguru, he will drift in the lower centers and will never be rid of his worldly attachments.

No other Yuga [epoch] can be compared with Kali Yuga in which Sants [Saints, Heavenly Beings, Enlightened Masters] incarnate themselves. If the Jiva adopts the Saran [refuge] of a Sant, he will get across the ocean of material existence."

The Five Jewels of Spirituality

Sant Tulsi Sahib: "There are five real jewels in this world, namely, 1) Association with Sadhs [initiates, satsangis, devotees, the virtuous, sadhus, saints, sages], 2) Saran [protection, refuge] of the Satguru, 3) Love, 4) Humility, and, 5) Compassion."

Mystic Verses of Sant Tulsi Sahib from the Book of Shabdavali 

"I sacrifice myself before my Beloved for His love for me. He allowed me to become identified with Him. He accomplished my task and gladdened my heart. I constantly visit my Beloved, that is, I elevate my Surat [attention of the soul] to His Region, and sport with Him. The task of one whose honor is the Beloved's responsibility will be accomplished by Him alone." 

"My mind is lost in love and affection for the Beloved. When I fix my gaze on His eyes, I find peace of mind, and on ascending to the Region of Eyes, I enjoy the bliss. My attention is all the time focused in the direction of my Beloved, and the Surat [awareness, attention of the soul] ascends and takes its seat on the mountain peak. Steadying my Surat, I firmly grasp the holy feet of the Guru. As I have his Darshan [vision], I reach Gagan [Mystic Sky]. Says Tulsi, only a seeker will come to know of His whereabouts, and will succeed in penetrating within by catching hold of the Current coming from Adhar (Region from Above which exists without support)."

Esoteric Teachings About the Inward Journey of the Soul Back To God (Anadi Purush)

Sant Tulsi Sahib, from his Esoteric Work "Ghat Ramayana": Shruti bund sindh milaap, aap adhar chadhi chaakhiyaa:

The Surat i.e. consciousness-force has got the glimpse of the Sun-like Master, and it has realized the happiness of meeting with the Supreme Sovereign God within the inner sky (sky or sphere within oneself when eyes are closed). I have always spoken on this matter.

Sant Tulsi Sahib: More from his Spiritual Classic, "Ghat Ramayana": Sat surat samajhi sihaar saadhau, nirakhi nit nainan rahau:  http://www.sadgurumehi.com/book/ghatRamayan/gr02.html

The Surat i.e. consciousness-force or individual soul [soul's attention or awareness] is true and she has been extended and entrapped in the untrue realms of Pinda (the microcosm or body, physical plane) and Brahmand (Universe or macrocosm). So, being deprived of the attainment of the self-existence of the Supreme Sovereign God, she is suffering from the pain of falling down (degeneration). To be free from this pain of degeneration, take care of the Surat in such a way that she be liberated from all miseries by concentrating through the untrue realms, being free from untrue spheres, and thus attaining the innate (natural and pure) form of the Supreme Sovereign God.

The practice of holding Surat (consciousness-force) will begin with Maanas Jappa [Simran] (a meditation process in which an alphabetical holy word instructed by Guru is chanted/repeated with eyes closed), and then Maanas Dhyaan (a meditation process in which holy form of Sadguru is concentrated upon with eyes closed), and then Bindu Dhyaan (Drishti Saadhan, the Yoga of Inner Vision), and then finally: Surat Shabda Yoga (the Yoga of Divine Sound). The first shutter within our inner vision is hard and impenetrable darkness. The Surat can cross it by the practice of Dhrishti Sadhana (Yoga of Vision).

When the Surat (consciousness-force) will experience the miracles of Brahma within its own body while crossing the concealment of darkness, then she (the Surat, soul) will be immersed always in the love of Supreme Sovereign God. Then she will move ahead grasping the notes (Sounds) of the Flute by knowing the proper method. 

The Surat will recognize the Sar-Shabda (Essential Divine Sound) through catching the 'Gagan-Dori' — (Divine Light or Divine Sound of the Inner Sky). 

The Surat being poised onto the Essential Divine Sound (Sar-Shabda) will become tranquil in that Unlimited (Infinite) State where-from, design, appearances, body, mind and Maya (illusion) do not exist; and that is the Inexpressible and the fundamental Original State. 

To whom this Ultimate State will be realized, his/her Surat (consciousness-force, individual soul) will be merging into that Ultimate State (the Nameless State, the State beyond Sound) again and again.

Sant Tulsi Sahab says, "Grasp and examine that Current (internal divine Sound) which leads to this Ultimate State, only then mind will be diving in the true thoughts of the above-mentioned inner journey." (Ghat Ramayana, SadguruMehi Website)

Who is the Impure One?

Once a Brahman while bathing in the Ganges was asking a Sudra [member of the untouchable caste] to move off, lest his touch might pollute him. Tulsi Sahib noticed this and said, "Yours, sir, is a very strange sastra [scriptural regulation]! If the Ganges is so pure on account of her origin from Visnu's feet, why should a Sudra who has sprung up from the self-same feet be so impure?"