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Monday, December 18, 2006

A Brief Introduction to the Path of Santmat

A Brief Introduction to the Path of Santmat

Sant Mat Fellowship:
{The one who has purity of character,
who practices diligently the Yoga of Sound,
and who can explain *clearly* Sant Mat
(the complete Path of the Masters with nothing missing),
can be accepted and trusted as Satguru/Teacher.}

Lately I've been corresponding with someone who is an initiate of a branch of Santmat founded by Sant Dariya Sahib of Bihar, India. Below is part of a letter summarizing the Path of the Masters from his perspective, a kind of Gospel of Santmat, if you will. It seems right on, a very nice description and introduction to the teachings.

Naamaste' and Happy Holidays,


"There is a simple ceremony for initiation in which a saint of this path gives Namdan. The disciple concentrates on this Sabad (nam) and keeps his mindfulness on it. In other words it is the silent sumiran [reptition, remembrance] of the holy name [True Name, Name and Sound of God]. One has to follow ahimsa and avoid taking non-veg food, and follow righteous path. The emphasis is on cleansing the heart of ill-thoughts and develop karuna (Daya [compassion]) for all living beings. "Daya deepak jabahi bare darsan Nam adhar". Satnam ka sumiran kare and you would be soon treading the path leading to enlightenment. May Satnam bless you."