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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Vegetarian Philosophy of Sant Mat -- Why I Don't Eat Faces

The Vegetarian Philosophy of Sant Mat -- Why I Don't Eat Faces
by James Bean

While there is some karma from eating plants, the Vegetarian Philosophy of Sant Mat is that there is much much more negative karma incurred by eating animals, more complex forms of life with a greater number of elements. A Western approach might be to observe that if one eats animals, those creatures that have faces, more developed nervous systems, in other words, can feel pain, have some intelligence, and senses, have a greater level of awareness than plants, this causes more suffering and cruelty in the world. Sant Mat also teaches that eating meat causes NEEDLESS torture, suffering, and death, as we have all we need to survive with the plant-based diet. Furthermore, when we eat meat and do not partake of a sufficient quantity of plant-based foods, we are increasing the amount of our own eventual suffering and disease. There is the revenge of the animals in the form of added cholesterol and saturated fat. Plus, these days there are countless studies about the many protective effects and health-benefits of the plant-based diet.

This online booklet is very helpful:
"Why I Don't Eat Faces: A Neuroethical Argument for Vegetarianism":

Why I Don't Eat Faces -- http://articles.animalconcerns.org/ar-voices/archive/faces.html