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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Without a Master

Without a Master
All scriptures are like the whispering of ghosts.
-- Tukarama

Spiritual seeking has the not-so-modest goal of revealing nothing less than the Divine, the Truth or Ultimate Reality. For far less modest goals than this we would not dare attempt their achievement without a qualified teacher. Our universities and the degrees they confer bear witness to this fact. For example, we would never attempt to acquire the skills of a professional airline pilot with mere reading, nor would we dare take instructions from someone who himself had never flown. Common sense requires that we approach subjects such as aviation or any number of other technical subjects with the help of skillful teachers and tried and true curricula. Why then would we assume that the highest and arguably the most difficult of all goals could be achieved without a teacher or guide? -- Don Howard

The appropriate spiritual teacher should be a person who has considered and discovered the realities of atma and anatma (bondage and liberation), and who practices a spiritual path. Such a teacher should have attained direct experience of Truth through spiritual disciplines. This is teacher you should take instruction from. The grace of teacher is also necessary for success in the spiritual pursuit. When you learn the methods for inner meditation, you should practice diligently. Moral rectitude is also very essential in this pursuit. -- Shri Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj

The one who has purity of character, who practices
diligently the Yoga of Sound, and who can explain
*clearly* Sant Mat (all the Teachings of the Masters
with nothing missing), can be accepted and trusted
as Satguru/Teacher. -- Maharishi Mehi

Going Within

A true Master unites us with God
And shows all within the body.
Within the body is the Creator.
And within the body is Onkar
[Onkar/OMkar: inner Sound
at the second region known as Trikuti]
The sky is within the body, and close by
Is the earth within the body.
Within the body are the sun and
the moon,
And the bagpipe is played within the body.

All cosmic abodes were shown to me
within the body, proclaimeth Dadu.
None can see them without dedication
to Guru through thought, word and deed.

The body is the storehouse of celestial
Wondrous plays are going on within.
Let no one make a mistake. Take
the company of the Satguru, sayeth Dadu.

The Creator is within the body.
That treasure thou knowest not.
Find the true lover of Guru,
And all will be found within the body.

Within the body cultivate gladness,
And within it develop affection.
Within the body find the Nectar of Love.
This is what a true lover of Guru does,
sayeth Dadu.

Inner worship alone is the true worship. It is the only
effective means of seeing God face to face.

After entering within, let one, 0 Dadu,
bolt the doors of the house.
Let one, 0 Dadu, serve the Lord at the Door of Eternity.
God is within the self,
His worship alone is to be done.

Search thou for the Beloved close to the place
Wherefrom the Sound emerges, and thou
shalt find Him, sayeth Dadu.
There is solitude there, and there is luster of Light.

God is within the self;
He is close to the worshiper.
But leaving Him aside,
men serve external constructions,
lamenteth Dadu.

This is the mosque, this is the temple,
So hath the Master shown.
The service and salutation are performed

-- Dadu,
Encyclopedia of Saints of India, Volume 25:
Sant Dadu Dayal
Criterion Publications
New Delhi