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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Baba Jaimal Singh Artist Rendition



Baba Jaimal Singh Artist Rendition

It's a sketch made by a Radhasoami satsangi.


Baba Jaimal Singh Artist Rendition (original unedited copy as given to me)

There is a description of Baba Jaimal Singh in Kirpal Singh's biography of him: "A Great Saint: Baba Jaimal Singh, His Life and Teachings", pages 56 & 57:

"His dress and appearance were as simple yet elegant as the man himself. Of medium height, some five feet and six inches, he was sturdily built. He had a knotty protrusion on his forehead above the right eye and a lotus mark, symbolic of true spirituality, on the sole of his right foot. He had fine features, wheatish complexion and a glowing face whose ruddy color was set off by a rich freely flowing beard which retained its lustrous blackness to the very end, except for a few straggling streaks of white. When not in army uniform, he wore a white turban in Jat style, a white muslin kurta (loose shirt), and tight-fitting pyjamas of the same color. While in his quarter informally among his fellows, he would usually wrap a khadi sheet about himself tucking it on the left side, cover his hair (which when unloosed fell to his waist) with a towel, and move about in kharaon (wooden sandals) or jooti (Indian shoes)."