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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Extracts from the Letters of Huzur Maharaj to Satsangis

Extracts from the Letters of Huzur Maharaj to Satsangis

And below the quotes from various letters are some excerpts from the Prem Bani mystic poetry of Huzur Maharaj on the voyage back to God.


Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}
Also: Sant Mat Fellowship:

from the Letters of Huzur Maharaj to Satsangis

Go on with your practice as much as you can and the Supreme Father, through His mercy, will gradually help you in the purification of the mind; and the devotional practice will then become easy and pleasant; but this cannot be accomplished soon and therefore patience and trust should be adhered to.

If you remember the Supreme Father by practising devotion and by sometimes repeating the Holy Name you will find that Grace won't forsake you, but on the other hand will always extend its protection to you in all matters.

The Supreme Being Radhasoami is our true guide. He is always with us, within us, sees us doing every little bit of internal and external work and helps us in every thing good.

Faith, worth the name, must be living. It must consist in acquiring an affection, or rather an intense love, for the Supreme Being and an intense desire to approach Him; and this latter we can do in the interior of the body, for the path is within us.

Every thing depends upon the purity of heart, or in other words, upon the degree of affection each one has for Supreme Father and the extent to which he has cleared his mind of all other affections, or to be more clear, the extent to which one has waived away other or worldly affections and given preference to the most holy love of the Supreme Father.

You are quite right in saying that true and sincere love and Bhakti [devotion] are what is required of a practitioner like yourself. It is a stupendous idea and only idea by which true redemption can be effected, but it cannot be the work of a day or a month or a year. For a very long time, i. e, for ages and ages, the mind has, in a manner, become the slave of the senses. Unless the direction of the mind or rather the downward currents emanating from the mind, be taken upward through the mercy and grace of the Sant Sat Guru Radhasoami, it would not be possible to create Bhakti or assimilate Surat with Shabd [the soul's attention being absorbed with the Sound Current]. You need not be disappointed and you should not lose heart and further, you should bear in mind that when you have been initiated in the Sublime Faith and when you have gone within at the third eye center, be rest assured that you are under the protection of the Supreme Father.

Go on regularly with your [meditation] practice, keeping your mind and senses undisturbed as far as possible; and trust in the mercy of the Supreme Father to grant you strength gradually as you advance. You will progress inward daily.

The morning time will be the best for you to practice Bhajan [listening to the Sound Current].

From the Prem Bani Radhasoami of Huzur Maharaj

Receive initiation from the Guru in the true secrets of Shabd.

Practise the modes of Surat Shabd Yoga with love and affection.

Regularly practice Surat Shabd Yoga. Contemplate the Guru's form.
Behold beautiful scenes and spectacles within.

When Radhaswami Dayal [the Merciful Lord of the Soul] is pleased to shower His grace, He will elevate your soul along the Current of Shabd. You will then ascend to your True Home.

Listen to the reverberations of Anhad Shabd within you.

Radhasoami in His grace and mercy will take you across.

Make His holy feet your prop and support.

My Beloved Himself is the most munificent Radhaswami. I sacrifice myself at His holy feet.

Radhasoami, in His grace, has taken me in His arms. He has extricated me from Kal's net.

Imparting to me the knowledge of Shabd, He has elevated my Surat to higher regions.

I heard the sounds of the Bell and the Conch.

I saw the Red Sun and then beheld the Moon. I heard the melodious sounds of the Flute and the Harp. I was delighted to touch the Holy Feet of Radhasoami. I have now reached the Highest Abode.

Always utter 'RADHASOAMI',
the Name of the Merciful Supreme Being.
Then only will mind and Kal become powerless against you.

Radhaswami is my most Beloved Lord.
None other than Him comes to mind.

I sing praises of Radhasoami again and again
and shall remain at His holy feet ever alert and vigilant.

I discard all the evil tendencies of the mind
and enshrine RADHASOAMI Nam in my heart.

I sing 'RADHASOAMI', 'RADHASOAMI',......every moment.