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Monday, September 24, 2007

Self Introspection to See Ourselves Clearly

Self Introspection to See Ourselves Clearly

"After warning his disciples to guard against opening any new account of bad deeds, the Master grants a general clemency in respect of bad deeds, part of which the disciple has already settled in this life up to the time of Initiation. He is enjoined to lead a clean life and to weed out all imperfections in him by self-introspection from day to day." (Kirpal Singh, Man! Know Thyself )

"Devotees are blessed souls as they always try to have self introspection to understand their interests and intentions perfectly and to see themselves clearly. Some devotees utilise religion, faith, their Master or God for their selfish interests, name, fame, profit or comfort. But there are some devotees who have dedicated themselves for the interest and establishment of their Ideal and to convey love, wisdom and the truth of the Holy Spirit to the lives of others to awaken them, as they have been awakened."

-- Sree Sree Mentu Maharaj,
The Truth Absolute
published by http://www.United-Satsang.org