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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Podcast: Change Your Thoughts, Karma, and Destiny


Change Your Thoughts, Karma, and Destiny -- Sant Mat Satsang Podcast

"Today's karmas become the fate of tomorrow. According to our last life actions, our mental tendencies are formed in this life. Because of our pure actions we will have the desire to seek the association of Sants (Living Masters) and to meditate." (Swami Vyasnanand, The Inward Journey of the Soul) Today on the Sant Mat Satsang Podcast -- Spiritual Awakening Radio -- readings from Sant Kirpal Singh (Spiritual Elixir), Baba Garib Das (Anmol Vachan), Swami Sant Sevi Ji, Don Howard, Jesus (Yeshua, Gospel of Thomas), Baba Ram Singh, and Mystic Poetry of Kabir. 

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