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Friday, June 24, 2011

Jap Ji Morning Prayer of Guru Nanak

Jap Ji -- Morning Prayer of Guru Nanak -- Also: The Quarrelsome Village


"Countless are the countries, earths and spheres.
Millions assign to Him ever new names, O Nanak." (Guru Nanak)

* Jap Ji -- Guru Nanak's Morning Prayer -- Sacred Text at YouTube,
Chant, Gurmuki with Line By Line English Translation:

* Jap Ji Beautiful Chant in Gurmukhi: 

* Online Book: The Jap Ji - The Message of Guru Nanak,
By Kirpal Singh: This book has five major parts:
An extensive introduction which gives the reader a
broad background of spiritual teachings; an English
translation and commentary on the Jap Ji:
The Creator of all is One (Ik Onkar -- "Ek Ong Kaar")
Truth is His Name (Sat Naam)
He is the Doer of everything (Kartaa Purakh)
He is Fearless, without anger (Nirbhao, Nirvair)
He is Undying, Unborn and Self-illumined (Akaal Moorat, Ajoonee, Saibhang)
This is revealed by the Sat Guru's Grace (Gurprasaad)
Meditate! (Jap!)
He was True in the beginning (Aad Sach)
He was True through all the ages (Jugaad Sach)
He is True even now (Haubhee Sach)
O Nanak, He shall ever be True (Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach)
-- Guru Nanak, Opening Verses of the Jap Ji
or Morning Prayer found in, "Peace Lagoon," an
anthology of the Sikh scriptures, 
published by G.T. International

There are millions of nether regions and skies above skies; 
Man has wandered endlessly in His search: 
The Vedas also say the same. 
The Muslim books speak of eighteen thousand universes, 
  but it is the same Power that sustains them all: 
If it could be accounted for, an account of it would have 
  been recorded. All attempts at description are in vain; 
O Nanak, admit His greatness; 
He alone knows Himself. (Stanza 22)

By communion with the Word, one becomes the abode of all virtues; 
By communion with the Word, one becomes a Sheikh, a Pir 
  and a true spiritual king; 
By communion with the Word, the spiritually blind 
  find their way to Realization: 
By communion with the Word, one crosses beyond 
  the Limitless Ocean of illusionary Matter; 
O Nanak, His devotees live in perpetual ecstasy, for the Word 
  washes away all sin and sorrow. (Stanza 11)

Who rejoice in the True One and live in perpetual bliss.
Sach Khand or the Realm of Truth is the seat of the Formless One. 
Here He creates all creations, rejoicing in creating. 
Here are many regions, heavenly systems and universes, 
To count which were to count the countless, 
Here, out of the Formless, 
The heavenly plateaux and all else come into form, 
All destined to move according to His Will. 
He who is blessed with this vision, rejoices in its contemplation. 
But, O Nanak, such is its beauty that to try to describe it 
  is to attempt the impossible. (from Stanza 37)
-- Guru Nanak, The Jap Ji - The Message of Guru Nanak, Kirpal Singh Translation

Guru Nanak Arrived at a Quarrelsome Village - Stories to Transform Your Life (Reposted)

Once, during the course of his travels, Guru Nanak arrived at a village where the people were a quarrelsome lot. He blessed them and asked them to prosper and live in that village forever. In the next village, where the people were peace-loving, Guru Nanak blessed them too but asked them to abandon the village and disperse. Mardana, his close disciple, puzzled by the guru’s strange blessings, asked him why he blessed the first village with prosperity though its people were unworthy of it, and asked the good people of the second village to disperse. Guru Nanak smiled and answered: "The quarrelsome will only spread unrest and friction wherever they go. So I asked them to remain where they were. But it is better for the peace-loving to disperse and take their good qualities with them so that all those who know them can learn the art of peaceful coexistence."