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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kal Mat vs. Dayal Mat, Illusion vs. Truth

Above, an illustration from, The Anurag Sagar. Notice the souls inside the Palace of Kal. The Satguru does battle with Kal to free the souls. (The genuine Living Teacher guides his or her students through this internal struggle with the mind or ego, this labyrinth of self-sabotaging, limited belief-systems of the negative power, so that the initiates may experience the Divine Light and Sound within and follow the Path back to God, the Ocean of Love.)

Kal* Mat vs. Dayal* Mat, By Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Volume Two: Maya and Kal [illusion, and the god of death and time, the demiurge] have spread the net. They are afflicting Jivas [Souls] in their own interest. No Jiva can escape to his Real Home. Kal and Maya keep all playing here. Sat Purush [God, the Supreme Eternal Being] observed that Kal was devouring Jivas. For his own pleasure, Kal beguiles Jivas. He does not give out the secrets of the True Lord to anyone. The Merciful Lord is moved with compassion and incarnates in this world as Sant Sat Guru. He explains to Jivas in various ways that the cruel Kal is swallowing them. He says, "Now, do as I instruct. Burn away the net of Kal and escape. Forming a bond with the Sat Guru, proceed Homeward and you will escape and overcome the forces of Kal. This habitation of yours is a creation of Kal who has separated you from Me. This is Kal's dominion. Don't take it to be your Real Home. Believe what I say to you now. Your True Abode is in My Region. I now reveal the details of the various stages on the Way......." (Sar Bachan)


* "Dayal": The Merciful One, The God of Grace and Compassion

** "Kal" - the Limited Perception: The dark blueish current: The "Demiurge" or false god of the lower regions, associated with law, duality, and mind, as in self-sabotaging, limited belief-systems, mental barriers that prevent the soul from going the distance, knowing itself and the Supreme Being. This includes a myriad of religious doctrines designed to keep the soul asleep in the "matrix" of mind and matter and not sitting one's self down to DO THE PRACTICE AND MEDITATE, uniting with the Divine Light and Sound within. Examples of these theological constructs or kalistic belief-systems may include: "I am not worthy to follow the path." "Experiencing heaven is impossible for human beings during the present 'age', 'yuga' or 'dispensation'." "Only after death will the meaning of life and all its mysteries be revealed." "There is no 'time' for me to meditate". "There are no other dimensions or spiritual realms, only mind and matter." "The age of living Masters is over. The last true Master passed on in 1674." "The secrets of the mystics are forever lost." "Hardly anyone has inner experiences anymore." "I will never be successful and reach the third eye center." And perhaps the most insidious of all, the false peak experience: "Congratulations, you've made it. You've mastered the path." "That's all for now". "You've exited the matrix now" (said a voice still inside the matrix).