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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Nonduality Reality -- Spiritual Practice, Not Just Theory or Belief

Nonduality Reality -- Spiritual Practice, Not Just Theory or Belief

“You can’t read your way to enlightenment.” 
— Stephan Hoeller

"Some people believe that the Almighty and the Soul are 'one' and that to believe this is 'real knowledge'. As far as the origin of the Soul is concerned, this is true. But simply to believe this does not relieve the Soul from the knot of elements, qualities and Mind. Unless all the coverings are shaken off and the liberated Soul, by means of meditation (spiritual practice), assumes all the great powers that are attributed to God and reaches it's source by crossing at least the three grades, (Berat, Hairangarb and Abykirt — the three lowest Heavens)... it is only book knowledge and not real knowledge. Like a parrot that forgets all its learning at the approach of a cat, such book knowledge vanishes away when the angels come to pull and drag the Soul at the time of death. 

"Although you are a monarch or an heir to a throne, your boast is idle unless you get freedom from jail, cross the foreign boundary and reach your throne, where everything is at your command. 

"Book knowledge does not give you real freedom nor does it restore any of your spirituals powers so that you have to suffer the effects of your actions like your less 'learned' brothers. 

"Let the drop of your Soul merge into the Stream of NAAM flowing into the Ocean — the Almighty, the Source of all Souls."     

 Swami Ram Behari Lal, The Way Out Is IN: https://archive.org/details/TheWayOutIsIN

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