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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Practice Meditation with Attention and Devotion

Practice Meditation with Attention and Devotion

Sant Mat Quote of the Day:

It serves no purpose to conceal who we are or what we know. Knowing ourselves and being willing to stand for who we are makes life authentic. If we can do this, then we can move freely through life because there is no dissonance between our sense of our own nature and the way we behave. (June Singer, A Gnostic Book of Hours)

Human beings apply their body, mind and wealth for worldly pleasures. It is, therefore, desirable and necessary for them to perform spiritual practices with some attention and devotion. This would procure them internal bliss which is absolutely pure, and can be had at will, without hard labour or expenditure of money. (Huzur Maharaj, Prem Patra Radhasoami, Volume IV)

The spiritual practices [abhyas in meditation] can take the Surat (spirit) to its Nij Ghar (Original Abode), from where it descended in the beginning. It can attain to the state of highest bliss in that Region, upon receiving Darshan [Vision] of the Supreme Being Radhasoami Dayal, the true Parent and Source of all spirit-entities. (Huzur Maharaj, Prem Patra Radhasaomi, Volume IV)