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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rambh Yama Makes the News Headlines -- The Anurag Sagar of Kabir on False Teachers, the "Yam Doots" or "Messengers of Death"

Rambh Yama Makes the News Headlines --  The Anurag Sagar of Kabir on False Teachers, the "Yam Doots" or "Messengers of Death"

The Anurag Sagar of Guru Kabir has some fascinating prophecies about false teachers, the "Yam Doots", meaning "Messengers of Death". These sometimes claim to be the reincarnation of Kabir, and yet do not teach the meditation practice of the historic Guru Kabir. They become a disturber of the peace, and nuisance to genuine Sants during this Kali Yuga of Maya. It's amazing to see how eerily accurate these Anurag Sagar descriptions are, sometimes exactly matching the profiles of certain individuals that make the news headlines from Time to Time. 

"Rambh Yama is mighty and hostile. He will condemn you and me.
He will condemn arti, initiation, Sat Lok, and other planes.
He will condemn the Scriptures, and the Knowledge of Naam.
Seriously he will utter the Ramainis of Kal.
He will argue over my Words, and many will be caught in his trap.
Taking my Name, he will constantly spread the path in all four directions.

"He will call himself 'Kabir' and will say that I am controlled by the
five elements.
He will say that the souls are Sat Purush, and deceiving the souls, he
will condemn Sat Purush.
He will say that this Kabir is the god of souls, and he will also call
the creator 'Kabir.'
But the creator is Kal, who gives pain to the souls, and like him, this
Yam Doot will attract the souls."

Guru Kabir says, 

"Listen, Dharam Das. In this way the limitless mighty Rambh will
play the deception.
Singing the name 'Kabir' he will trap many souls in this world.
Using the Sign of Shabda, you should awaken the Essence and the
Using the Knowledge given by the Master, test the Shabda and recognize
It in your heart.


"0 Dharam Das, be wary within yourself when Yamraj plays this
Having faith in Shabda, awaken the souls in Shabda."

-- Anurag Sagar, Section Four, The Story of the Future: