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Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Honor Your Present Lifetime -- Light and Sound on the Path -- Sant Mat Spiritual Discourse


Honor Your Present Lifetime

Honor Your Present Lifetime, by Hazur Baba Sawan Singh

"My dear daughter, I will repeatedly ask you to honor your present lifetime and try your best to raise yourself toward your own home. As soon as you reach the first stage of your journey, you will notice the wonderful spiritual scenes there, which will fill your heart with happiness and gratefulness to the Holy Father... Those who accept His teachings, and act upon them with love, gradually return to the purely spiritual Region under His guidance. Therefore, you need not be anxious, and you should continually perform the spiritual practices with firm faith and trust in the mercy of the Holy Father, Who has kindly disclosed to you the secrets of the True Holy Name; and you will certainly reach the goal one day." (Hazur Baba Sawan Singh)

Now is the Time to Live in the Present Moment, by Sant Kirpal Singh

“Always live in the living present-in the living moment. Did you read my circular on that point? If you care for the living moment, you can care for eternity. Read the circulars and go into them deeply. If you care for the pennies, pounds will be saved, is it not so? If you keep your mind occupied every moment, then nothing can go wrong. It is given very briefly in the circulars. Brevity is the soul of all creation. The Master’s sayings are very brief, but to the point.

“If you watch your present moment, then everything is all right. If you don’t care, sometimes for hours you’re oblivious and in those vacant hours there’s so much trouble that comes up which affects your meditations. So when you sit for meditation, forget the past, forget the future; live in the living present. This is the one thing that will give you success in your meditations. But the vacant hours in which you’ve not kept the mind occupied with some constructive thought affect your meditation.

“So that is the remedy that accounts for all these things: If you would pass your every hour in peace, with no ill will against anybody and no attachment to anybody, if you can pass each hour like that for one day, then continuously for some days, no such ramifications of mind will come up to affect your meditations. We are frittering away our moments of life in suchlike pursuits. Kabir says, ‘Make each breath you take the offering to your Master.’ Do you follow what I have said? Every breath you take, make it an offering to your Master. This is very valuable, Kabir says, and we fritter away a fortune. If a dying man wishes to stay for a few minutes longer, he cannot.

“How frivolously we kill our time. Every moment of life is very valuable. Make the best use of it. When death overtakes us, that is the time you say, ‘Oh, had some time been given to me, I would have done this and that thing.’ Is it not so? But you cannot get time then which you have frittered away so ruthlessly, so cruelly. Kabir says, ‘In one breath he crossed three planes: physical, astral, causal.’ One breath is very valuable.” (Kirpal Singh, The Light of Kirpal, Ruhani Satsang Books)

Bhajan (Hymn) of Baba Somanath: Santa Sataguru Satya Svarupaa

"O Sant Satguru, Form of Truth,

You are ever pure and undefiled.

"You are the victor over death who ferries the jivas [souls] across the impassable realm of matter,

Omniscient Consciousness, Quintessence of Light,

Ineffable and beyond reckoning is Your state.

The mind cannot conceive of You; You are without beginning and without end.

"Through contemplation upon You, the yogis have abandoned worldly desires and have achieved union with the Beloved.

The Vedas and all the scriptures extol Your Greatness.

Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, and the serpent Shesh proclaim Your glory.

O Kindler of Light, in Your form resides all power and splendor.

You dwell beyond the physical, astral, and causal realms.

"Surpassing the Vedas, You are the Embodiment of Wisdom,

Yet within the hearts of the Sadhus, You make Your abode.

Lord of the Inner Sound, the mystery never ending,

Vanquishing all obstructions in this earthly existence,

Free us from attachment to the six-directional Maya,

And bestow on us the Transcendental Reality that is beyond price.

"Peerless Radiance, Supreme Effulgence,

Cupped in Your hands is the Nectar of Immortality, which you graciously distribute.

Fearless Lord, unfettered by this world,

Even the Shastras and Puranas recount Your matchless glory.

"O Protector of the lowly ones, most merciful Lord,

Self-Existent, Bestower of Light

Somanath has contemplated upon Your lotus feet.

Unceasingly, He will sing Your praises.

You free all the jivas from the desires and afflictions of this world.

Do the Meditation and Do It Regularly — Baba Ram Singh

“All the souls have come from Anaami [The Nameless One Given Many Names, God]. They have not come from Brahm or Par Brahm. As long as they don’t meditate and go within, they will not understand this truth.

“How ever many scriptures or other holy books we read, till we go in, until we open our Third Eye, we will not be able to satisfy all the doubts and queries that we have.

“So, what the Masters have given us, we should practice that. We should follow Their Teaching and do our Bhajan Simran [Surat Shabd Yoga Meditation] every day. Make that a schedule and do it on a daily basis. When we do it on a daily basis, we purify our mind and then we redeem our deeds and we go within. Once we go within, we realize the truth — that we are the soul, we are not this body, and we are not this mind.

“So, it is incumbent for us to do that meditation and do it regularly. That is our true work. Every other thing that we are doing is all work relating to others.”

— Baba Ram Singh, from, Satsang Discourses, Volume 11

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