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Thursday, December 02, 2021

How Much Time to Spend in Meditation? Sant Mat Satsang Podcast -- Spiritual Awakening Radio


How Much Time to Spend in Meditation? How Much Time to Devote to the Timeless? -- Sant Mat Satsang Podcast -- Spiritual Awakening Radio

With meditation, the goal of the saints, mystics and masters goes far beyond stress or anxiety reduction. Being centered and calm are the foundation or launching pad for the exploration of Inner Space, the Realms of the Spirit, the Kingdom of the Heavens Within. For some this might mean gaining a subtle awareness of inner seeing and hearing. For others it might be the beginning of a consciously induced near-death experience, soul travel into New Worlds of Light, Love, and the Divine Music of the Spheres.

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Tithe Ten Percent of the Day to Meditation Practice, Which Equals Two and a Half Hours

For a recent Sant Mat satsang podcast I gathered materials from various Masters, mystics and scriptures addressing the question of, How Much Time to Spend in Meditation? as it's a key make-or-break sort of issue for those of us mystic explorers of Inner Space, the Kingdom of the Heavens or Higher Planes of Consciousness. Below are a couple of quintessential passages on this subject of How Much Time Should We Devote to the Timeless?

In, The Night is a Jungle, Sant Kirpal Singh writes:

"All Masters tell the devotees to do their simran and bhajan. Hazur used to say, 'You people give one tenth of your earnings, so you should also give one tenth of your time.' One tenth of a day is two and a half hours. Some sit for merely five minutes, some for half an hour, and many not at all. Others sit when the occasion fits their mood. If the connection which is given at initiation is not increased, what happens? The attention remains outward and does not withdraw and invert. A person may sit hours on end and others may think he is a devoted meditator, but inside he sees nothing!

"Awake! This is the time to understand what is what! The Masters come, lift up their hands, and shout to the world, 'Do your meditation, for without it you cannot be free...'"

"The Masters all explain the Truth in very simple terms: The Masters in truth say, make your meditation. Listen! Open your ears and listen! He who has made his meditation has made everything. He whose meditation is not made will enjoy no meaning in his life's achievements. There is great purpose behind this emphasis on the importance of meditation. If your daily life is not under control, try to bring it in control, or, give more time to meditation and you will be able to gain control quicker... Get the full benefit of meditation, and increase it day by day. The more you increase it, the nearer will you advance toward your goal. If you refuse, the day will come when you will be filled with regret for the lost opportunity." (Kirpal Singh, The Night is a Jungle)

On the Grace of the Masters and various amounts of time, Baba Ram Singh writes: 

"For those who have not meditated, but have not lost faith in the Master and they have been listening to Satsang, even for such people, the Masters come at the time of their death. However, the bliss and enjoyment and happiness, which a devotee who is meditating regularly enjoys, is not as much enjoyed by these people because these people have not meditated, have not redeemed their karmas, and are not in a position to enjoy and get the benefit of that bliss as much. However, Masters are very graceful and They take the soul, and then keep the soul in the Sahasdal Kamal.

"Also, the devotees who may not have meditated for two, two and a half hours, but have been meditating regularly, even for a shorter period of say an hour or so, and they have love and affection and devotion for the Master, the Master comes to take them also. And He keeps them in the Par Brahm, at the Mukhti Pad, the place of liberation. Where the devotees love their Master, and there are affection and devotion for the Master, and there is no attachment for any worldly matters and no further desires, the Master takes such souls, and even takes them straight to Sach Khand.

"It is only the love of worldly things, worldly desires, which stop the soul from going all the way to Sach Khand. So then, they have to wait at the planes in-between and complete their devotion.

"Therefore, with a lot of Grace, we have got the human life and this is the door of liberation. It is in this life form that we have the chance of getting liberated and getting out of the clutches of Kal and the ocean of life. So, we should, therefore, withdraw from our worldly desires and get our love and affection focused on the Feet of the Master and get liberated in this life and go back to our True Home." (Baba Ram Singh)

"The wheel of time rotates, but its axis is ever at rest.

"God is the axis of the wheel of Time. Though all things rotate about Him in Time and Space, yet is He always timeless and space-less and still. Though all things proceed from His Word, yet is His Word as timeless and space-less as He.

"In the axis, all is peace. On the rim, all is commotion. Where would you rather be?

"I say to you, slip from the rim of Time into the axis and spare yourselves the nausea of motion. Let Time revolve about you; but you revolve not with Time." (Book of Mirdad)

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