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Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast: Mandaean Nasoraean Gnostic Spirituality -- The Mandaean Scriptures Are Out Of This World!



Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcast: Mandaean Nasoraean Gnostic Spirituality -- The Mandaean Scriptures Are Out Of This World!

A rare glimpse into the origins of Christianity and Gnosticism. Today we explore the history, the scriptures, the mystic teachings and poetry of the root group, the common ancestor, the earlier original spiritual movement in antiquity out of which emerged the Jesus Movement (Ebionites), the Elkasites, and the Mandaean Gnostics. I speak of the Nasoraeans, the followers of John the Baptist. The Nag Hammadi texts may represent the prose of the Gnostics, but it is the Nasoraean Mandaean scriptures that give us the poetry!

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In her book, The Secret Adam, E.S. Drower writes: "Amongst Mandaeans there is an oral tradition that some of them were once vegetarians." For more on the vegetarianism of the original Nasoraeans (John the Baptist sect) and Ebionites (Jesus Movement) see the book, Disciples, by Keith Akers.

The role of the Heavenly Messenger is to give the mystic experience of light to souls and eventually guide them back up to the Place of Light, the Mandaean term for the highest heaven where the Great Life (God) resides. Here are some passages of mystic poetry from Mandaean holy books on Manda-d-Hiya -- the great heavenly redeemer and the spirituality of the Mandaean Gnostics:

The Illuminator of the Worlds of Light

In The Name Of The Great Life,

Sublime Light Be Praised.

From the Place of Light I came forth,

from you, Bright Habitation.

I come to touch hearts,

to measure and try all minds,

to see in whose heart I dwell.

Whoever thinks of me, of him I think;

whoever calls my Name, his name I will call.

Whosoever prays my prayer from the earth,

his prayer I will offer from the Place of Light.

I came and found the truthful

and believing hearts.

When I was not dwelling among them,

yet my Name was on their lips.

I took them and guided them up

to the World of Light.

I became the Illuminator

of the Worlds of Light.

I became a king to the Nazoreans,

who receive praise and stability

through my Name.

And by my Name they ascend

to the Place of the Light.

As for the elect righteous

who put me on as a garment,

their eyes were filled with Light,

and Manda-d-Hiya [Knowledge of Life]

was established in their hearts.

The worlds know not Thy name, nor recognize Thy light.

O fie on those who sit and eat and drink.

On those who quarrel and persecute!

Day by day they sit on thrones of insolence

And persecute the name of the Life;

{Yet) they knew not the name of the Life,

Nor did the idea of the Life enter their minds.

{But) we have testified to Life and put our trust in Life;

And Manda-d-Hiia [Knowledge of the Life, Gnosis of the Life] stood by us,

was of our company

And was our Helper.

Go to the house of him who knows Me,

Those who know me, for I dwell amongst them

In the hearts of my friends

And the thoughts of my disciples.

And Life is victorious.

I wait upon the Life and mine eyes upon Manda-d-Hiia; for

they will be my support, my deliverer and saviour

from the Place of Darkness

to the Place of Light.

In the name of the Life!

Blessed and praised be the Life!

Blessed and praised be the name of Life in the Place of Light!

Blessed and praised are you, my lord, Manda-d-Hiia;

You and your strength, your radiance, your height, your glory and your


My chosen! Do not put your trust

in the kings, rulers, and rebels of this world,

nor in military forces, arms, conflict,

and the hosts which they assemble,

nor in silver and gold…

their gold and their silver

will not save them.

Their authority passes away

and comes to an end.

Thou hast showed us that which the eye has not seen,

and caused us to hear that which the human ear has not heard.

Thou has freed us from death and united us with Life,

released us from darkness,

and united us with Light...

Thou hast shown us that which the eye has not seen,

and caused us to hear that which the human ear has not heard.

(Canonical Prayer Book of the Mandaeans)

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