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PODCAST: The Vegetarian Apostles and Scriptures of the Original Jesus Movement

PODCAST: The Vegetarian Apostles and Scriptures of the Original Jesus Movement

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One thing that might be rather surprising to most people that can be learned by doing a study of the gospels, acts and other literature of the Hebrew Christians -- the Ebionites -- the Christianity that Existed Before Paul -- is that, rather than some imagined Sunday school notion of a fish market in the village of Galilee being operated by the disciples of Jesus, there is significant evidence that the Original Jesus Movement and well-known apostles became vegetarians. And furthermore, this vegetarianism of the disciples and Jesus Movement is fairly widely known and mentioned by the early church fathers. It's not that this information is coming from recently discovered writings dug up in the Middle East. Rather, these are old texts that have been with us since the early days of Christianity but didn't seem all that meaningful and significant to a pro-meat carnistic population. Vegetarians however would indeed be most interested finding this out!

EBook: Evidence That Jesus and The Original Aramaic Christians Were Vegetarians: "James was a vegetarian…." (Professor Robert Eisenman, James the Brother of Jesus) "James, the brother of the Lord, lived on seeds and plants and touched neither meat nor wine." (Epistulae ad Faustum XXII, 3) "John never ate meat." (Church historian Hegesippus according to Eusebius, History of the Church II 2:3) "The Apostle Matthew partook of seeds, and nuts, hard-shelled fruits, and vegetables, without flesh." (Clement of Alexandria, The Instructor, Book 2, Chapter 1) Peter said, "I live on olives and bread, to which I rarely only add vegetables." (Clementine Homilies 12,6; also see, Recognitions 7,6): 

Sayings of Jesus (Yeshua), Ebionite (Nasoraean, Jewish or Hebrew Christian) Scriptures and Vegetarian Gospels -- Sant Mat Radhasoami Books, The E Library: Ebionite/Hebrew Christianity Section:

"Jacobus [James], the brother of Jesus, lived of seeds and vegetables and did not accept meat or wine." (Saint Augustine)

"The consumption of animal flesh was unknown up until the great flood. But since the great flood, we have had animal flesh stuffed into our mouths. Jesus, the Christ, who appeared when the time was fulfilled, again joined the end to the beginning, so that we are now no longer allowed to eat animal flesh." (pro-vegetarian early church father Hieronymus [St. Jerome] who apparently read the Gospel of the Hebrews and was influenced by Ebionite views)

"Sacrifices were invented by men to be a pretext for eating flesh." (Clement of Alexandria)

"The steam of meat meals darkens the spirit. One can hardly have virtue if one enjoys meat meals and feasts. In the earthly paradise [Eden], no one sacrificed animals, and no one ate meat." (Saint Basil the Great)

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Friday, February 21, 2020

Spiritual Consciousness -- An Explanation

Spiritual Consciousness -- An Explanation

Spiritual consciousness is to explore the knowledge of the spirit and its origin or reservoir through intuitive realization. The proper course of attaining higher levels of spiritual consciousness for a sincere lover of the Supreme Being, according to Huzur Maharaj -- the second Master of the Radhasoami Faith -- is "to acquire knowledge of the secrets and the order of creation and the means of traversing the distance between his dwelling in the body (the pupil of the eye [Third Eye Center accessed during meditation]) and the Abode of the Supreme Being, the prime source of everything; and to start on his journey with fervor and perseverance with the avowed object of reaching the presence of the Most High and Beloved Supreme Father." 

Love and devotion are the basic driving forces to attain success in life, whether temporal or spiritual. As a scientist, unless driven by a passionate zeal to find the truth, finds it difficult to surmount the hurdles in his path, so does a spiritual seeker, devoid of love and devotion, fail to attain any tangible results in his spiritual pursuit. Love and devotion are therefore the cardinal values in any endeavor to succeed. The medieval Bhakti traditions ushered by saints laid great emphasis on love and devotion for the master and Supreme Being. The Radhasoami Faith, which is the culmination of the saint traditions, lays great emphasis on love and devotion for the master and the Supreme Being. Hazur Maharaj says that "a heart devoid of love or affection is as hard as stone and does not form a suitable receptacle for the Light of Heavenly Grace and Compassion... The Supreme Being loves and takes special care of those who love Him with all their heart and soul and gradually draws them towards Himself -- the Center of Pure Light and Attraction."

-- Agam Prasad Mathur, at the beginning of the chapter, Spiritual Consciousness -- An Explanation, in the book, Spiritual Consciousness