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PODCAST: Meet a Vegan Rumi, the Sufi Poet Mystic -- Spiritual Awakening Radio With James Bean

PODCAST: Meet a Vegan Rumi, the Sufi Poet Mystic -- Spiritual Awakening Radio With James Bean @ Youtube:

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When I saw these veg verses of Rumi I thought, at last! this is going to make for a great new podcast! It's awesome being able to claim Rumi, the King of the Sufi poets, for the #vegan cause! (#Rumi: "To me, even milk is forbidden.") I also reflect a little about the vegetarianism of early Christianity, and about how a religious or spiritual movement like the disciples of Rumi in Sufism, Jesus, Guru Nanak, Buddha, etc... can start out following a vegan or veg diet and yet a few generations later knowledge of that gets lost and the religious sects operating in their names might be adhering to a completely different diet. 

Says Vegan Rumi:

"I have existence and I value it so much
So have all the beings on earth and they too, try to preserve it.
Then, how can I kill even the tiniest creature
Just to satiate my palate?"

"Even a seemingly lifeless stone has a degree of consciousness; respect it."

"To me, even milk is forbidden."

"Look at all animals as you look at humans."

"If we consume an animal, its blood and gore will make us act like a slaughterer."

"We began as mineral. We emerged into plant life, and into the animal state, and then into being human, and always we have forgotten our former states, except in early Spring when we slightly recall being green again."

Master Kirpal Singh speaking about Rumi and the other most advanced Murshids (spiritual masters) of Sufi mysticism once said: 

“Those who take up the practices concerning the lower centers in the body, do take meat — the Mohammedans and people of other religions also. But those who are anxious to rise above body-consciousness and go into the Beyond have of necessity to eschew all that. This is the Path I have put before you. Liberation or salvation is something which starts only when you rise above body-consciousness. For that reason, vegetarianism is the first essential.” (The Night is a Jungle, published by Ruhani Satsang)

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Kabir: "Honour those who live and speak the truth."

Kabir: "The soul is like a philosopher’s stone, and the world is like iron. With the touch of the philosopher’s stone, the world became gold." (Sakhis of Kabir, # 57)

57. pāras rūpi jīw hai, loha rūp sansār,
pāras te pāras bhayā, parakh bhayā taksār.

Commentary by Dr. Das: "Guru Kabir is using this belief to explain that the indwelling soul is like the philosopher’s stone, and that the world is like iron. All the physical bodies have no life or consciousness until they are touched by the soul. Once the soul dwells (touches) in the bodies, then the latter become alive and manifest consciousness and intelligence. Our goal in life is to realize the soul and truly become golden i.e. liberated."

Kabir: "O Kabir, put on the clothes of love and dance! Give honor to those who, in mind and body, uphold the Truth." 

58. prem-pāt kā cholanā, pahir kabīrū nāch,
pānip dīnho tāsu ko, jo tan man bole sānch.

Commentary by Dr. Das: "One who I awakened to God’s love i.e. Self realized, will often sing and dance with joy. The next thing such a devotee needs to do is to honour those who live and speak the truth." (Sakhis of Kabir, # 58)

-- The Complete Bijak of Kabir, Guru Kabir's Mystical Teachings on God-Realization, Translation and Commentary by Jagessar Das

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