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Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Teachings of Soami Ji Maharaj

The Teachings of Soami Ji Maharaj

Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

Letter One

From the Letters of Soami Ji Maharaj to Huzur Maharaj

My dearest and dearer than life,

I wish you all health and happiness, but keep uppermost in your mind Bhajan, Dhyan and devotion to the Supreme Being. The Grace of the Supreme Being on you is the same, as it was before. Attune yourself to the Will of the Lord. Renouncing all thoughts of the past and future, keep your spirit immersed in Shabd at the time of Bhajan.

Fix your spirit in Shabd, and Shabd is in Gagan. Fill your heart with yearning; and heart is at Trikuti.

Unite your spirit with Shabd and see beauteous sights. The Til is located within Sukhmana (an artery of the human body, which lies between Ida, on the right and Pingla, on the left), and the form of Jyoti is in the Til.

Sit in Bhajan after making your mind and spirit calm, with the help of love and yearning. By the Grace of the Guru, your object will be gained; rest assured, and have no fear whatsoever.

From the Sar Bachan Prose, Section Two: Sayings of Swami Ji Maharaj

Just as leaves of the trees fall down in the autumn season, in the same manner, this youth also will disappear after a short time. It is therefore desirable that one should not waste it, but should search for his Beloved Supreme Being and engage in His service and worship.......The duty of this jiva [soul] is to serve his Father and his Father is Sat Nam Sat Purusha, and the jiva is an Ansa (i.e. an emanation) of His. However, as he is not able to contact the Supreme Father, how can he serve Him? It should now be noted that the Saints are the Incarnation of Sat Purusha and therefore service to Them is service of Sat Purusha.......

The Holy Name Radhasoami -- A Name for the Nameless One (Anami)

Those who have no faith in the Holy Name will not be able to achieve their object fully, even though they keep their external behaviour and conduct as correct as possible and also try to have some internal purification and even though they may engage in Japa, Tapa, Samyama and Abhyasa as much as possible. On the other hand, those who have been given the Name by the Satguru and have full and sincere faith in it, will receive the reward even for the repetition of the Name, for penances and for self-control and would also achieve the Highest Abode.....

This Holy Name can be obtained from the Sant Satguru and with the help of this Name the root of all the evil propensities of the mind would be cut and the mind and senses would also be slowly and slowly subjugated. If anybody wishes to control the senses by some other method he would experience great difficulty. If he would succeed in controlling one sense organ, the other would create trouble. Exactly this is the condition of persons who repeat the Names mentioned in religious books, i.e. the evil propensities of their mind are not removed though they do repeat the Names. If they repeat the Name received directly from the Guru, i.e. the Name given by the Saints by word of mouth, the evil propensities of their minds would most assuredly be gradually removed. There is no other method in this Kali Yuga for eradicating the evil propensities except through the repetition of this Name......The real Name is very powerful and can remove all kinds of impurities. There is no harm in repeating the Name wherever one likes. Even the worst place would become sanctified by the repetition of the Holy Name at that place. This Name is available with the Satguru and cannot be found anywhere else.

No other karmas except devotion to the Name, and to the Satguru are ordained to be performed in the Kali Yuga.

From the Sar Bachan Prose, Section One: On the Teachings of Swami Ji Maharaj

It should now be known that the Radhasoami Region is the highest region in the creation and that 'Radhasoami' is the Name of the Supreme Being, the true Lord and true God. The region below this is the Region of Sat Nam, which has been variously referred to by the Saints as Sat Loka, Sach Khand, Sar Shabda, Sat Shabda, Sat Nam and Sat Purusha. This would show that these two stages, i.e. Sat Loka and the Radhasoami Region, are the destination of the Saints and Param Sants respectively, and this is the reason why the Saints enjoy a higher status than others. There is neither Maya [illusion] nor mind in these Regions, and these Regions encompass all the lower regions and creation, i.e. the entire creation is below them and is encompassed by them. The Radhasoami Region is referred to as the Indescribable Region and also as the Nameless Region, because this Region is infinite, eternal and without a beginning and all other regions have originated from it. And Radhasoami is the Deity Who is really not confined to any region and His Region cannot really be called a region.