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Monday, October 11, 2010

Within This Body - Mystic Poem of Sant Tulsi Sahib

Within This Body - 
Mystic Poem of Sant Tulsi Sahib

(English version by Ivan M. Granger)

The Sant Mat Quote of the Day:
{"The affairs of the world will go on forever. 
Do not delay the practice of meditation." -- Milarepa}

Within this body
breathes the secret essence.
Within this body
beats the heart of the Vedas.
Within this body
shines the entire Universe,      
so the saints say.
Hermits, ascetics, celibates
- all are lost
seeking Him      
in endless guises.
Seers and sages perfectly parrot
the scriptures and holy books,      
blinded by knowledge.      
Their pilgrimage,      
and fasting,      
and striving            
but delude.
Despite their perfect practice,
they discover no destination.
Only the saints
who know the body's heart
have attained the Ultimate, O Tulsi.
Realize this, and you've found your freedom      
(while teachers trapped in tradition      
know only the mirage            
in the mirror).