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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Countless Souls, Earths, Dimensions, Skies Above Skies

Countless Souls, Earths, Dimensions, Skies Above Skies

Many Millions are the Skies and Solar Systems - Skies Above Skies

Many millions are the skies and solar systems.
Many millions are the moons, the suns and stars.
Many millions are the sources of creation and continents.
Many millions are the jewel containing oceans.
Many times has the universal expanse occurred.
The Lord has strung all the creation in His thread.
His limit no one knows.

Many millions go about in many existences.
Many millions have been the incarnations.
Many millions are the creatures of various descriptions.
Many millions of beings, the Lord has made of good many descriptions.
Many millions are the celestial singers.
Ever and ever, the Unique Lord remains the same.
From the Lord, they emanate and into the Lord they merge.
Nanak says, with whomsoever, the Lord is pleased, He emancipates.
The Lord is near all yet far from all.
Nanak says, Lord is pervasive in creation yet He, Himself remains away.

Many millions searching for the Lord, find The Supreme One within their mind.
Many million are thirsting for the sight of the Lord.
To them the Imperishable Lord meets.
They are imbued with the love of the Transcendent Lord.

In many ways the Lord has spread Himself.
Nanak says, the Lord is all by Himself.
Many millions are the devotees of Supreme Lord and their souls are enlightened.
Many millions have realized the essence and with their eyes they behold the One Lord.
Many millions drink the Name nectar.
They become immortal and live for ever and ever.
Many millions sing the praises of the Name.
They are spontaneously absorbed in Divine delight.
His servants, remember Him with every breath.
Nanak says, they are the beloveds of Supreme Lord.

The Lord alone is the doer of all deeds.
There is no other. (Adi Granth, The Gurbani or Psalms of the Saints of India)

Through the Word the Worlds Converse

And the Highest One gave the Word to his worlds,
which interpret his own beauty,
recite his praise,
reveal his thought,
are instructors of his works.

For the swiftness of the Word is ineffable.

Its course knows no end,
it never fails, it stands.
Its decent and its Way are incomprehensible.

And through the Word the worlds converse.

The mouth of the Highest One spoke to them
and he was made clear by his Word.

The dwelling place of the Word is man
and Its Truth is Love. (Book of the Odes, Syriac/Aramaic, First Century AD)

Countless Are the Earths, Spheres, and Devotees

Countless are the gospels, sutras, odes, upanishads, gathas,quatrains, abhangas, gitas, granths, vanis and vedas. As Guru Nanak says in his Morning Prayer (Jap Ji): "Endless are the harmonies played by the minstrels; the players prepare endless tunes andmeasures to sing to Thee, 0 bountiful Creator. Thy Light is within the beings and the beings are all within thy Light...countless are the countries, earths and spheres. Millions assign to Him ever new names, 0 Nanak."

Countless there are that remember Thee, and countless those
that love Thee;
Countless there are that worship Thee, and countless those
that seek Thee in austerity and penance;
Countless there are that recite from sacred books Thy praises; and
Countless those that, absorbed in Yoga, stand indifferent to the
Countless those Thy devotees who contemplate Thy attributes
and wisdom; and
Countless those that practice truth and charity;
Countless are the heroes that boldly face the foeman's steel; and
Countless those who have vowed silence, meditate on Thee
with unceasing love.
What power have I to conceive of Thy wonderful nature?
Too poor, am I, to make an offering of my life to Thee.
Whatever pleaseth Thee is good:
Thou art forevermore;
O, Formless One.

Countless Thy names and countless Thy places;
Unapproachable and inaccessible Thy innumerable
heavenly plateaux;
, Even by the word countless, we fail to describe Thee;
By words we describe Thee and by words we praise Thee.
By words, we acquire Divine knowledge, and in words are sung
Thy hymns and attributes;
It is words we employ in speech and in writing;
In them is our fate ordained;
But He who ordains is above such writ.
As Thou ordaineth, so do we receive.
Thou art immanent in all;
And nothing is where Thy Word is not.
What power have I to conceive of Thy wonderful nature?
Too poor, am I, to make an offering of my life to Thee.
Whatever pleaseth Thee is good;
Thou art forevermore; O Formless One!
(Kirpal Singh's translation of the Jap Ji, the Morning Prayer of Guru Nanak)