Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meditation as a kind of Spiritual "Doorway" or "Portal"

Meditation as a kind of Spiritual "Doorway" or "Portal"

Meditation is central. Meditation has the potential to transport us from the outer world of ideas, theology or theories to the inner world of personal direct experience (Gnosis). For some, meditation is a kind of "Doorway" or "Portal" to the spiritual dimensions accessed from within.

Sant Maharshi Mehi from his book of mystic poems called, Padavali:

My eyes got fixed at the central Point between the two eyebrows,
They do not glance sideways but are fixed at the Point in front;
The Light of God appears within and the darkness of the night vanishes,
The Sun, with its extraordinary rays, ascends with so many sparkles,
Consciousness finally gets immersed in the Quintessential Word,
Baba Devi Sahib instructs Mehi to remain absorbed day and night in this practice.

Seek the Light within,
Any devotee with inner vision has seen that Light,
One must know the secrets from the Master, serving his lotus-feet,
Day and night, keeping one's consciousness focused at the Point between the two eyebrows,
The darkness is gone and there comes in front of one's vision
Colors like black,
yellow, blue, red, and white;
Lightening flashes with their flickers and the Morning Star is seen,
The Moon rises and the Sun too rises up,
And thus the Quintessential One is perceived;
At the feet of the Absolute, and the Light-giver (guru),
The devotee comes to be intimately familiar with all these secrets.