Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hark! He is playing the flute! – Sant Radhaswami Sahab

Hark! He is playing the flute! – Sant Radhaswami Sahab

Sant Mat Fellowship:
{"This mysterious path is described in the holy books,
but it cannot be found simply by the study of sacred texts.
It is found by the grace and guidance of an accomplished teacher."}
Radhasoami Reality:
{Radhaswami Dayal ki Daya Radhaswami Sahai:
"Grant Merciful Radhasoami Thy Grace and Protection"}

Following is an English rendering of the translation (in Hindi) of a verse composed by Sant Radhaswami Sahab by Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj. English rendering of Maharshi Mehi's Translation by Pravesh K. Singh

The Original Verse (phonetic version):

"Muraliyaa baaj rahee, Koee sune sant dhar dhyaan,
So muralee guru mohi sunaee, lage prem ke baan.
Pindaa chhod and taj bhaagee, sunee adhar me apoorab taan.
Paayaa shabd milee hansan se, khainch chadhaaee surat kamaan.
Yah vanshee satanaam vansh kee, kiyaa ajar ghar amrit paan.
Bhanvar gufaa dhig soham bansee, reejh rahee mai sun-sun taan.
Is muralee kaa marm pichhaano, milee shabd kee khaan.
Gaee surat kholaa wah dwaaraa, pahunchee nij asthaan.
Satta purush dhun been sunaee, adbhut jinakee shaan.
Jin-jin suni aan yah bansee, door kiyaa sab man kaa maan.
surat samhaarat nirat nihaarat, paay gaee ab naam nishaan.
Alakh agam aur Radhaswami, khel rahee ab us maidaan."

The Translation:

The flute (of the Lord) is ringing or playing (in the inner sky). Sants who practice meditation with focussed attention are able to listen to it. My Guru made me listen to this divine flute, listening to which I was stung or pierced by the arrows of love (towards God). I (the soul) fled rising beyond my body and the Universe and heard an astonishing music never heard of earlier. I pulled or tightened the bow of surat (focussed attention or current of consciousness) and having grasped the Divine Sound met sacred souls. This flute is carved of the flute of sattanaam (holy name, Divine Word, Divine Sound, True Sound or the Truth). I sipped the nectar (which makes one immortal, taking beyond the realms or cycles of birth and death) in the sattalok (Realm of Pure Consciousness, or The Quintessential Unstruck Melody). I am delighted and enchanted by listening to the flute of `Soham' near the Bhanwar Gufa (Whirling Cave or Tunnel – the domain or the realm where the Nature is in its undisturbed state, where all the attributes or qualities of `sat', `raj' and `tam' are in perfect equilibrium balancing each other. This region is also known as `Mahakaran Mandal' (Supra-causal Region) - Translator). Identify the secret of this flute. Meeting (hearing) this is tantamount to discovering the mine or the treasure-trove of Sound. Surat reached the gate where this flute is found, opened the gate and found its own (true, original) home. I listened to the flute played by the sattapurush (God) whose influence is striking. Whoever has reached up to here and listened to this flute has been able to overcome or destroy their ahankaar (ego). Taking care of surat (stream of consciousness) gazing intently with rapt attention, I have obtained the symbol or sign in the form of the Divine Sound. Radhaswami Sahab says that now the pure conscious soul is playing on the playfield of `alakh' (beyond vision, the Unseen) and `agam' (beyond intellect).