Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kabir: God Takes Care of the Soul + YouTube Bhajan

Kabir: God Takes Care of the Soul + YouTube Bhajan

Sant Mat Mysticism Blog:

Prabhu binu dukh nar ko kown hare

Other than God who can remove the suffering of humanity? Whenever and wherever distress assails his devotees, there and then God presents himself. But if one is full of ego, then he suffers heavily. If he is humble then he gets positive rewards. If he is always engaged in devotion meaningfully, he will remain free of hypocrisy. If the devotee is humble and feels the pangs of separation from God then God takes care of him.

-- Kabir Bhajan Amritam -- Devotional Bhajans of Satguru Kabir, Translated by Dr. Jagessar Das, Kabir Association of Canada

YouTube Video: Kabir bhajan from Dr Pooja Angra and Madan Rana's concert at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield U.K. on the 12th of August 2007:

Prayer of Guru Kabir: With folded hands I pray: hear, O Ocean of Mercy! Grant me the gifts of compassion, humility, knowledge and happiness, in the company of the Saints. Kabir with thoughts fixed on Thy lotus feet prays, 0 Guru! tell me about the True Path of the Saints.