Saturday, October 24, 2009

Accumulated thoughts of living beings cause births and deaths


Accumulated thoughts of living beings cause births and deaths for them again and again

Sant Mat Mysticism Blog:

In the world, there are as many thoughts as the living beings. The truth is that every person has numerous thoughts. It is by virtue of his thoughts that he attains either salvation or transmigration. Salvation will come only when all thoughts would come to an end. That is why the scriptures declare that the hoarded or accumulated thoughts of living beings cause births and deaths for them again and again.

The thoughts are of various types and each thought has its hidden import. The thoughts which are soaked in attachment and illusion, form the basis of transmigration. But the thoughts which are immersed in selfless service (seva), lead one to salvation. The flow of thoughts in the mind knows no end. Not a single moment passes without those, so much so, that during sleep even, they occur in the form of dreams. What are those thoughts? Desire for anything assumes the form of a thought. The moment a desire to attain something or the other, arises in the mind, that very moment, man is thrown into an ocean of thoughts. These very thoughts become the basis of resolutions and options which cause one to enter into different forms after death. Whatever the nature of thought at the time of death determines the next form or birth for that soul......

All the doubts and desires should be made to merge with the Shabd or Word [the Divine Current of Light and Sound], to get rid of horrible consequences of innumerable births and transmigration. Except for the desire to recite Naam, no other desire should take hold of the mind......By remembering the Lord, one attains God-realization and when this stage is reached, then there is no need to resort to any other means of attain salvation [moksha].

-- The Second Spiritual Master, in,
The Shri Paramhans Advait Mat Granth

Above, excerpted from a huge, authoritative collection of satsang discourses, provides one with valuable insight into the mechanics of thought and desires, this process of creating reality. Here, a "law of attraction" is not solely dedicated to a materialistic life confined to the physical plane. One is instructed to remember God, to practice Remembrance (Simran) of God's Name, and merge one's attention (Surat) into the Positive or God-Power of the Inner Light and Sound (Shabd), rising above the ocean of forms, thoughts, desires, karmas, the creation of countless lives and deaths, with the goal being moksha, getting off the wheel of transmigration.